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    My Wikipedia username is borrowed from Alexander Dumas's style of addressing mysterious persons as 'Monsieur X-'. I rarely read fiction, but I love The Count of Monte Cristo, The Man in the Iron Mask and The Three Musketeers.

    I am a historian who is primarily concerned with adding and revising historical and sports related Wikipedia articles. My historical interests include antiquity, the Byzantine Empire, the Ottoman Empire, New France, pre-Revolutionary War America, Québec, France before the Third Republic, World War I, and World War II (especially the Eastern Front). I also work with many Greek and Turkish articles.

    I really dislike the current trend of people vandalizing Wikipedia pages for an agenda, or trying to start a war of cultures based upon historical biases. What also is especially galling is when I try to help a neglected article and all the hard work I put into it gets reverted rather than constructively criticized and worked out, for that is the quickest way to feel my wrath! I'm not a stiff necked bureaucrat or a hard person- just talk to me! :)
    I am a proud descendant of Carignan-Salières Regiment ancestors, defenders of New France.