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    I just don't think I can be bothered with Wikipedia anymore. It has stopped being fun. The lunatics are taking over the asylum. I think the spat with User:Netoholic was the last straw. At that time my wiki-stress was at boiling point and Netoholic's continued despicable behaviour made me incensed. His determination to have me de-sysoped (for blocking and reverting a known vandal) through the RFC and RFAr process just confirmed to me that this place has become too full of people who like the bureaucracy and red-tape that is now so much a part of editing here. His behaviour was all about him getting his own way and had nothing to do with what was right for Wikipedia. This was obvious to one and all, but due process had to proceed and I felt like I had been hung out to dry. By the end of that affair I felt drained and my editing has been reduced to a mere trickle. I said I wouldn't be forced out by trolls and vandals, but I guess I have been. So many good editors have stopped editing here recently and I go to join their legions. Farewell one and all.

    Mintguy (Wikipedia editor August 2002 - November 2004).