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    Welcome to my user page.

    If you're interested, I've written a short essay on "How I survive Wikipedia", and another on the citation habit. I also wrote an opinion piece on the Wikipedia Education Program which appeared in the Signpost in December 2011.

    Reception sections in articles on video games, books, TV shows and movies are often poorly written; some advice on how to improve these sections is here. Please comment on the talk page there if you have improvements to suggest. For those interested in review processes such as good article nominations and featured article candidacies, I've written an essay about "fix loops", a problem that can occur in those reviews.

    I'm the author of the facstats tool; this provides data about the English Wikipedia's featured article candidate process. If you find any bugs, or have any suggestions for improvements, please let me know. I am also the operator of ChristieBot, which does various GA related maintenance; as of 17 November 2022 ChristieBot has taken over these functions from Legobot. If you see any problems with ChristieBot's edits, you can notify me on my talk page or the bot's talk page.

    I started out as User:Coldchrist; I changed my user name fairly quickly to my real name. I am also User:SpringHarbor, under which name I have only one edit, done out of an interest in WP:NEWT.

    I am also User:Mike Christie on an iPhone, which was used as you might expect; accidental rollback is a common problem on iPhones, so a separate account allowed me to keep the rollback feature turned on for this account. However, I have found a great solution to this; see here if you have an iPhone and are running into the same problem.

    Wikipedia editing advice[edit]

    How to compose a successful critical commentary[edit]

    These rules appear on pages 33–34 of Daniel Dennett's Intuition Pumps. I've long tried to follow similar rules, but had never seen them codified. These are Dennett's wording, but the rules are due to Anatol Rapoport and are known as "Rapoport's rules".

    1. You should attempt to re-express your target's position so clearly, vividly, and fairly that your target says, "Thanks, I wish I'd thought of putting it that way".
    2. You should list any points of agreement (especially if they are not matters of general or widespread agreement).
    3. You should mention anything you have learned from your target.
    4. Only then are you permitted to say so much as a word of rebuttal or criticism.

    I believe that if more editors followed these rules, even if only perfunctorily, we'd see discussions move more quickly (and more often) to agreement.

    Reference library[edit]

    I thought it might be useful to other editors to know what books I have, so here is a list. Please feel free to ask me to look up anything in any of these works. I've initially just put the books I have found most useful. I will add more periodically.

    Bede links[edit]

    User:Ealdgyth/Bede materials

    Patrologia Latina Bede:


    Reliable source lists[edit]

    Where I've been[edit]

    Places I've been:

    Years:Flag of England.svg Flag of Australia.svg Flag of Singapore.svg Flag of Wales (1959).svg Flag of the United States.svg
    Months:Flag of Scotland.svg Civil Ensign of the United Kingdom.svg Flag of Canada.svg
    Weeks:Flag of Germany.svg Flag of Italy.svg Flag of France.svg Flag of Spain.svg Flag of Kenya.svg Flag of Greece.svg Flag of Malaysia.svg Flag of Mexico.svg Flag of Norway.svg Flag of South Korea.svg
    Days:Flag of Thailand.svg Flag of the Netherlands.svg Flag of Denmark.svg Flag of Brazil.svg
    Hours:Flag of India.svg Flag of Sri Lanka.svg Flag of Egypt.svg Flag of Gibraltar.svg Flag of Turkey.svg Flag of Belgium.svg Flag of Switzerland.svg Flag of Sweden.svg Flag of Japan.svg Flag of the Vatican City.svg

    U.S. states I've been to:

    Years: Flag of Texas.svg Flag of New York.svg
    Months: Flag of Colorado.svg Flag of Massachusetts.svg Flag of Michigan.svg
    Weeks: Flag of California.svg Flag of Florida.svg Flag of Louisiana.svg Flag of Maine.svg Flag of Maryland.svg Flag of New Mexico.svg Flag of Pennsylvania.svg Flag of Vermont.svg Flag of Virginia.svg
    Days: Flag of Arkansas.svg Flag of Connecticut.svg Flag of Georgia (U.S. state).svg Flag of Illinois.svg Flag of Indiana.svg Flag of New Jersey.svg Flag of North Carolina.svg Flag of Ohio.svg Flag of Oregon.svg Flag of South Carolina.svg Flag of Tennessee.svg
    Less than one day: Flag of Arizona.svg Flag of Delaware.svg Flag of Kentucky.svg Flag of Minnesota.svg Flag of Missouri.svg Flag of New Hampshire.svg Flag of Oklahoma.svg Flag of Washington.svg

    Articles I have worked on[edit]

    The following are featured articles or good articles that I was instrumental in getting to those levels:

    Good articles

    Featured articles. Starting in February 2015, I'm going to add links below to the FAC reviews I've done while each of the articles below was at FAC. I'm doing this to ensure that I stick to my goal of doing at least six FACs reviews for every article I nominate, and also, I hope, to encourage other editors to review more FACs. Update: starting in February 2017 my goal is eight reviews per nomination.

    1. Ace Books 4 Sep 06; TFA 6 Dec 12
    2. Asser 28 Apr 07; TFA 2 Jan 10
    3. Anglo-Saxon Chronicle 25 May 07; TFA 1 Oct 08
    4. Æthelbald of Mercia 4 Jun 07
    5. Ælle of Sussex 13 Jun 07; TFA 7 Jan 08
    6. Æthelberht of Kent 28 Jun 07; TFA 24 Feb 16
    7. Ceawlin of Wessex 7 Jul 07; TFA 8 Mar 10
    8. Cædwalla of Wessex 6 Aug 07; TFA 9 Sep 09
    9. Fantastic Universe 25 Aug 07; TFA 31 Jan 10
    10. Ine of Wessex 31 Aug 07; 7 Nov 13
    11. Egbert of Wessex 17 Sep 07; 19 Dec 11
    12. Eadbald of Kent 28 Sep 07; TFA 2 Dec 09
    13. Authentic Science Fiction 8 Oct 07; 2 Sep 12
    14. Beyond Fantasy Fiction 14 Oct 07; TFA 1 Jan 09
    15. Wihtred of Kent 22 Oct 07
    16. Wiglaf of Mercia 4 Nov 07
    17. Eardwulf of Northumbria 4 Dec 07 (conomination with Angus McLellan); TFA 14 May 16
    18. Wulfhere of Mercia 22 Dec 07; TFA 25 Apr 10
    19. Offa of Mercia 22 Jan 08; 6 Apr 12
    20. Imagination (magazine) 27 Jan 08; TFA 28 Sep 09
    21. Aldfrith of Northumbria 11 Feb 08 (conomination with Angus McLellan); 27 Jan 13
    22. Coenwulf of Mercia 20 Feb 08
    23. If (magazine) 5 Mar 08; TFA 18 Sep 10
    24. Æthelred of Mercia 22 Mar 08; TFA 9 Feb 15
    25. Amazing Stories 31 Oct 08 (conomination with Swtpc6800)
    26. Wonder Stories 31 Dec 08
    27. Coenred of Mercia 9 Jan 09; TFA 25 Jun 11
    28. Beorhtwulf of Mercia 31 Jan 09 (conomination with Angus McLellan); TFA 18 Apr 14
    29. Galaxy Science Fiction 23 Oct 10; TFA 18 Dec 17
    30. Venture Science Fiction 26 Nov 10
    31. Fantastic (magazine) 16 Jan 11; TFA 15 Feb 18
    32. Startling Stories 8 Feb 11; TFA 25 Apr 14
    33. Planet Stories 19 Mar 11; TFA 20 Sep 17
    34. Fantastic Adventures 3 Apr 11; 10 Dec 16
    35. Unknown (magazine) 14 Apr 11
    36. Science Fantasy (magazine) 6 May 11
    37. Nebula Science Fiction 27 May 11; TFA 27 Jan 12
    38. Astonishing Stories 10 Jul 11; 13 Nov 11
    39. Super Science Stories 23 Aug 11
    40. New Worlds (magazine) 14 Oct 12 (conomination with Nikkimaria); TFA 25 Nov 17
    41. Famous Fantastic Mysteries 24 Apr 13; TFA 18 Apr 18
    42. Fantastic Novels 9 Jul 14; TFA 30 Jun 15
    43. Future Science Fiction and Science Fiction Stories 20 Oct 14
    44. Science Fiction Quarterly 19 Nov 2014
    45. Marvel Science Stories 5 January 2015; TFA 13 Feb 17
    46. The Thrill Book 5 February 2015
    47. Cosmic Stories and Stirring Science Stories 6 March 2015; TFA 15 Apr 16. Reviews: Girl Pat (1935 trawler), Taiko, American Arts Commemorative Series medallions, Battle of Malvern Hill, German–Yugoslav Partisan negotiations, Keen Johnson, God of War III, Uncle David, St. Elmo (1914 film), M-theory, Sardines (Inside No. 9), 2014 Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup Final, Texas Revolution
    48. Radiocarbon dating 12 April 2015; TFA 8 July 2015. Reviews: Love It to Death, Mark Oliphant, Blackrock (film), Juan Manuel de Rosas.
    49. Tales of Wonder 16 May 2015. Reviews: Portrait of Monsieur Bertin,  2003 Sri Lanka cyclone‎, Stephen I of Hungary, Earth-grazing meteoroid of 13 October 1990, George Pickingill, 2008 UEFA Champions League Final, SMS Königsberg (1905), Richie Farmer, 1880 Greenback National Convention, Southern Cross (wordless novel),  Cincinnati Musical Center half dollar, Ancestry of the Godwins
    50. Scientific Detective Monthly. 21 June 2015. Reviews: 2012 Budweiser Shootout, Mercedes-Benz CLR‎, The Ordeal of Gilbert Pinfold, Battle of Malvern Hill, 2006 UAW-Ford 500, Battle of Agua Dulce, The Turn of the Screw (2009 film), Maniac Mansion, Yugoslav monitor Vardar, St Denys' Church, Sleaford, Oviri (Gauguin), Tyrone Garland, Æthelwulf, 2006 Subway 500, Final Fantasy Type-0, dopamine, Andrew Sledd.
    51. Amazing Stories Quarterly. 26 June 2016; TFA 10 Mar 18. Reviews: Climatic regions of Argentina, Theodore Komnenos Doukas, Ben Crosby, 2008 UAW-Dodge 400, Emma Stone,  Wrestle Kingdom 9, English Benedictine Reform.
    52. Science-Fiction Plus. 23 August 2016. Reviews: Milos Raonic, Margaret Lea Houston, Agharta (album), Peter Martyr Vermigli, Heffernan v. City of PatersonWrestle Kingdom 9, Divisional Cavalry Regiment (New Zealand), The Left Hand of Darkness, Canadian National Vimy Memorial, Rare Replay, Ellie (The Last of Us), 2003–04 Arsenal F.C. season, No Me Queda Más, Emma Stone, Did You Hear What Happened to Charlotte King?.
    53. Weird Tales. 15 October 2016; TFA 9 Jul 17. Reviews: 2015 NBL Canada Finals brawl, Chicago Pile-1, Bluebuck, The Pale Emperor, St Botolph's Church, Quarrington, Bud Dunn, Paul Palaiologos Tagaris.
    54. Ghost Stories (magazine). 12 November 2016. Reviews: Chad Harris-Crane, 2015 Formula One season, Night of January 16th, True Detective (season 1), Courtney Love, Montreal Laboratory, Giganotosaurus, Charles Kanaʻina, First Tennessee Park, California State Route 76, Forensic chemistry.
    55. Analog Science Fiction and Fact. 7 January 2017. Reviews: Nominative determinism, 2012 Tour de France, Nike-X, Jochen Rindt, Alabama Centennial half dollar, Gabriel Pleydell, Ben Crosby, Viking metal, Burning Rangers.
    56. History of US science fiction and fantasy magazines to 1950. 13 February 2017. Reviews: Sabre Wulf, The American Bible Challenge, Russell family (Passions), Unlocked (Alexandra Stan album),  God of War: Ascension, Yesterday's Enterprise.
    57. Fantasy Book. 24 February 2017; TFA 15 May 17. Reviews: Nyuserre Ini, Courtney Love, Archie vs. Predator,  CMLL World Heavyweight Championship,  Louis Leblanc, King Kalākaua's world tour, Make Me Like You, Æthelflæd, Nemegtomaia.
    58. Other Worlds, Universe Science Fiction, and Science Stories. 10 March 2017. Reviews: Kona Lanes, Henry Conwell (C & S), The Portage to San Cristobal of A.H. (C & S), Steller's sea cow, John C. Calhoun (C & S), Andha Naal.
    59. The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction. 27 March 2017. Reviews: The Chase (U.S. game show), Maine Centennial half dollar, The Fade Out, D.Gray-man, William T. Stearn (S), America's 60 Families, Clare Stevenson, York City War Memorial (S), Don't Stop the Music (Rihanna song), Resident Evil 5, Naruto, Fallout 4: Far Harbor.
    60. True Detective (season 1). 9 August 2017; TFA 12 Jan 18. (Conomination with DAP388.)
    61. Naruto. 23 July 2017. (Conomination with 1989.) Reviews: Sarawak, Northern England, Metallurgical Laboratory, On the Mindless Menace of Violence, A Wizard of Earthsea, John C. Breckinridge (C & S), Marjorie Cameron, 1998 NFC Championship Game, Baltimore railroad strike of 1877, ZETA (fusion reactor), Jesé, Marcel Lihau, Roland TR-808.
    62. Ice core. 22 September 2017; TFA 18 Oct 17. Reviews: Underwater diving, Tukwila International Boulevard station, Ethiopian historiography, Sonic the Hedgehog (2006 video game), Cleopatra Selene I, Lady Gaga, Meteos, Panzer Dragoon Saga.
    63. Ice drilling. 23 March 2018. Reviews: ZETA (fusion reactor), Family Trade, Nodar Kumaritashvili, Final Destination 3, Sasuke Uchiha, Panzer Dragoon Saga, Mark XIV bomb sight, University of Washington station, Margarita with a Straw, Tutupaca, Oxenfree, Taapaca, Ubinas, Æthelbald, King of Wessex, Saving Light, Angrej, Wōdejebato, Teresa Sampsonia (C & S), Call Me by Your Name (film), Phillip Davey, Fôrça Bruta, planar transmission line (C & S), Limalok, AirTrain JFK.
    64. Satellite Science Fiction. 25 February 2019. Reviews: Roger B. Chaffee (S), Streetcleaner, Yugoslav torpedo boat T7, 1989 Tour de France, 1962 Tour de France, Allison Guyot, Fall of Kampala, Userkaf.
    65. Scoops (magazine). 18 March 2019. Reviews: IFF Mark II, Roger B. Chaffee, Southampton Cenotaph, Solrad 1, British National (Overseas), Æthelred I, King of Wessex (C & S), Ghostbusters II, I Can Only Imagine (MercyMe song), Open Here, Laborintus II (album), Timeline of the Donald Trump presidency (2017 Q1), Chestnuts Long Barrow (C & S).
    66. Knap Hill. 22 May 2020. Reviews: Sathi Leelavathi (1936 film), Pekarangan, George Washington and slavery (S), Samuel May Williams, John W. Beschter, ice dance, Hurricane Lane (2018), Racer's hurricane, BioShock 2: Minerva's Den, 2019 Tour de France, 2017 World Snooker Championship, The Holocaust in Slovakia (S), Let's Fall in Love for the Night, Lythronax (S), History of the Wales national football team (1876–1976), 1998 Tour de France.
    67. Super-Science Fiction. 14 June 2020. Reviews: Stucky (fandom), Henry IV, Holy Roman Emperor, Mount Takahe, Evelyn Mase, British Overseas citizen, Bayern Munich 1–2 Norwich City (1993), Commissioner Government, Squirm, James Thompson (surveyor).
    68. Infinity Science Fiction. 15 August 2020. Reviews: Illustrated Daily News (S), Death of James Ashley, Lewis (baseball), Edward Thomas Daniell, 2017 EFL Championship play-off Final, Kamil Tolon, Computer Space, Portraits of Odaenathus, Manilal Dwivedi, Edward Thomas Daniell, French battleship Suffren, Muhammad IV of Granada, Republic of Guria, Arthur Sullivan (Australian soldier).
    69. Saturn (magazine). 17 November 2020. Reviews: 1789 Virginia's 5th congressional district election, Hurricane Hector (2018), 1925 FA Cup Final, 2017 EFL Trophy Final, Australian Journal of Herpetology, Peter Raw, HMS Pearl (1762), John Early (educator).
    70. Imaginative Tales. 30 December 2020. Reviews: Biblical criticism, Manned Orbiting Laboratory, Charing Cross tube station, 55th (West Lancashire) Infantry Division, 2006 Football League Championship play-off Final, 2018 EFL League Two play-off Final, 1920–21 Cardiff City F.C. season, Battle of Vrbanja Bridge, Warner Bros. Movie World, Frances Gertrude McGill, SMS Gneisenau, women's poll tax repeal movement, meteorological history of Hurricane Michael.
    71. Whitehawk Camp. 12 February 2021. Reviews: O Captain! My Captain!, Greek case, Columbia, South Carolina, Sesquicentennial half dollar, Chandler's Ford shooting, Battle of the Saw, Edvard August Vainio, Dreamsnake, Kigali, Turf Moor, Die Hard, National Football League, B. Max Mehl, Edmund I (C & S), Islands: Non-Places, 2013 FA Cup Final.
    72. The Trundle. 28 October 2021. Reviews: Red (Taylor Swift album), 1937 Brazilian coup d'état, 1996–97 Gillingham F.C. season, SS Choctaw, Great Western Railway War Memorial, Why Marx Was Right, A Beautiful Crime, Apollo 5, George Floyd (American football), Robert Howard Hodgkin.
    73. The Shadow (magazine). 10 February 2022. Reviews: September 2019 events in the U.S. repo market, Francis Neale, 1992–93 Gillingham F.C. season, Black-and-yellow broadbill, Laundromat (song), Double florin (S), Colossal Cave Adventure, I've Just Seen a Face, Cyclone Taylor, Ronnie Rocket, Walter Donaldson (snooker player), Will P. Brady, Clonmacnoise Crozier, A Canterlot Wedding (C & S), Marmaduke–Walker duel, Typhoon Mujigae, Operation Berlin (Atlantic).
    74. G-8 and His Battle Aces. 13 March 2022. Reviews: Toys for Bob, Sjafruddin Prawiranegara, Robert de Umfraville, RoboCop, Papuan mountain pigeon, Saline Valley salt tram, Neutral Milk Hotel, 1994–95 Gillingham F.C. season, Nizar ibn al-Mustansir, 1838 Jesuit slave sale, Frederick Browning, Jubilee coinage, Pan Am Flight 7, John Hastings, 2nd Earl of Pembroke, Leonardo DiCaprio (S), SpaceX Starship.
    75. Marvel Tales and Unusual Stories. 11 April 2022. Reviews: Woodleigh MRT station, Dispute between Darnhall and Vale Royal Abbey, first homosexual movement, Tom Eastick, Khalid ibn al-Walid, Mount Melbourne, SS Edward L. Ryerson, Battle of Glasgow, Missouri, 1993–94 Gillingham F.C. season.
    76. Combe Hill. 29 April 2022. Reviews: Daisy Pearce (S), Paper Mario: Color Splash (S), White-headed fruit dove (S), Olive Morris (S), Levantine Arabic (S), Mount Price (British Columbia), Time in Finland (S), Kharijites (S), Mary Jane Richardson Jones, Zufar ibn al-Harith al-Kilabi, Kaze to Ki no Uta (S), 55 Wall Street (C & S), 1985–86 Gillingham F.C. season (S), Battle of Trapani (C & S), Second War of Scottish Independence (S), Arnold Bennett (S), 2021 World Snooker Championship (S), National Front (UK), Cerro Tuzgle (C & S), Battle of Little Blue River, The Cenotaph (S), 1959–60 Burnley F.C. season (S), Enoch Fenwick (S), Tessa Sanderson (C & S), Interstate 90 (C & S), Eadred, Blue Hill Meteorological Observatory.
    77. Barkhale Camp. 23 May 2022. Reviews: Danzig Street shooting (S), Judy Ann Santos (S), No (Meghan Trainor song) (S), Black-breasted buttonquail (S), 1959–60 Burnley F.C. season, James Davis (printer), Total Recall (1990 film) (S), Roberta Williams (S), Second War of Scottish Independence, Corry Tendeloo (S), 1998 FIFA World Cup Final, Zufar ibn al-Harith al-Kilabi (S), Battle of Raymond, Herman the Archdeacon, Georges Feydeau (S), Kaze to Ki no Uta.
    78. Offham Hill. 22 August 2022. Reviews: Carlton Town F.C. (C & S), 1920–21 Burnley F.C. season (C & S), Battle of Van Buren (S), Old Head coinage (S), Back to the Future (S), Mick Jagger (S), Nadezhda Alliluyeva (S), Toa Payoh MRT station (C & S), Second Punic War (S), Late Registration (S), Cliff Thorburn, Banded broadbill (S), Evelyn Gandy, BTS (S), Anna Wilson (basketball) (S), Sayfo (S), Wiley Rutledge (C & S),, Wizards of Waverly Place (C & S), Hrabri-class submarine (S), Rachel Dyer, Oswald Boelcke, Eadwig (C & S), Alexander Hamilton U.S. Custom House (C & S), WBPX-TV (C & S), Rupert Downes (C & S), 4th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment, 1988–89 Gillingham F.C. season (C & S), Homo antecessor, A.C. Monza (S).
    79. John Raymond science fiction magazines. 9 October 2022. Reviews: Ælfwynn, wife of Æthelstan Half-King, Venus in fiction (C & S), Discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun (S), The Farseer Trilogy (C & S), Village Green (song) (S), TRAPPIST-1 (S).
    80. Science Fiction Monthly. 10 November 2022. Reviews: This Year's Model (S), Securitas depot robbery (S), Prince Octavius of Great Britain (S), 1973–74 Gillingham F.C. season (S), Abdollah Mirza Qajar (S), Aliens (film) (S), Growing Up Absurd (S), HMS Aigle (1801) (S), KCPQ, Eunice Newton Foote (S).
    81. Dime Mystery Magazine. 28 November 2022. Reviews: Zork (S), MLS Cup 1999 (S), Sweetheart (Rainy Davis song) (S), Theodora Kroeber (S), SMS Friedrich Carl, Fatima Whitbread, MLS Cup 1999, Your Power.
    82. The Black Cat (US magazine). 26 December 2022. Reviews: Atlantic City–Brigantine Connector (S), Lake Street Transfer station (C & S), Boring Lava Field (S), Northolt siege (S), The Dark Knight (S), Tahmasp I (S), Space Shuttle Columbia disaster (S), Japanese fire-bellied newt (S), Anna Lee Fisher (S), Rhodesia Information Centre (S), U.S. Route 34 in Iowa (S), Can I Get It (S), Dish-bearers and butlers in Anglo-Saxon England (C & S), Roanoke Island, North Carolina, half dollar (C & S), Thomas Hardy (Royal Navy officer, died 1732) (C & S), Sumitro Djojohadikusumo.
    83. Doc Savage (magazine). 16 February 2023. Reviews: David Kelly (weapons expert) (S), Hughie Ferguson (S), Shannon Lucid (S), 2022 World Snooker Championship (S), High School Musical: The Musical: The Series (S), Simonie Michael (S), New Amsterdam Theatre (S), John C. Young (college president) (S).
    84. Science Fiction Adventures (1956 magazine). 26 March 2023. Reviews: Marriage License (S), Goodwin Fire (S), Battle of Saseno (S), North East MRT line, Ignace Tonené (C & S), Siege of Bukhara (S), Airport Central railway station (S), Ken "Snakehips" Johnson, Crash Bandicoot (video game), Chilean cruiser Esmeralda (1883), Li Rui (politician).

    Peer reviews[edit]

    I'm also going to track how many peer reviews I do in return for ones I receive.

    1. Weird Tales. 6 August 2016. Reviews: Divisional Cavalry Regiment (New Zealand), Eega, David McDowall (criminologist), Ballymacarrett rail crash, Budd Rail Diesel Car, The Pale Emperor.
    2. Analog Science Fiction and Fact. 18 October 2016. Reviews: Crater Illusion, Binary search algorithm, Yarnell Hill Fire, Gabriel Pleydell, Virginia Conventions, Freeway Complex Fire.
    3. Ice core. 3 June 2017. Reviews: Didsbury School of Education.
    4. Ice drilling. 14 December 2017. Reviews: Lucius Caesar, Alan Wiggins, Rabinal Achí, Skene (theatre), Salsa Big Band, Dyskolos, 19th Grey Cup, Bakyt Torobayev, Eadred.