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    This is a user page. For the unit of length see metre. For other uses of meter or metre see metre (disambiguation).

    System-users.svgThis user has an alternative account named Meters too.

    My alternate account User:Meters too was never used and is retired. I also maintain User:Metres, a doppelgänger account, which has also been used once for a non-confirmed editor test.



    To Do

    • Timeline of Canadian history needs new entries, particularly War of 1812
    • La Salle Institute school cruft
    • Digital Advertising Alliance of Canada‎ check on COI copyvio etc
    • Vibrating wire dubious claim force vs strain. Needs a rewrite and rename. Research force measurements - there may be some specialized low-load applications where they are actually used this way
    • Montezuma-Cortez High School redo athletics section
    • Prix du livre politique bad translation of a French article. It was a verbatim copy of a Google Translation. i redid it, but article is still of somewhat dubious notability. Needs independent sources since most o the coverage is not independent (a group named a day, created a prize, and awards the prize on that day)
    • COI deletions on Henry I. Miller, talkpage thread, May need COIN
    • Les Cartooneurs Associés and associated pages. All unsourced, some possibly not notable. May 2016 redirected to parent, but that is not sourced either.
    • Fried dace with salted black beans rewrite - sources, OR, synth
    • Wando High School unsourced and low level athletic achievements
    • Titus Edzoa check strange removal of all mention of his campaign manager. They were sentenced together for the same supposed crime. Why shouldn't he be mentioned? Some POV rewording required
    • Alberta Schools Athletic Association divisions and sports done, nneds work on geographic sections, and past results, updates to organizing bodies
    • Fremont Christian School rewrite material that is still too closely paraphrased
    • Template:High_Schools_in_Edmonton redo Edmonton schools template. Christian school is now part of Edmonton Public as an alternative school. Might be best to create an alternative schools subsection to separate all of the alternatives schools from the regular ones... religious schools, First nations, School for the Deaf, Argyle home schooling, etc. Victoria still a problem since it is both a designated community school (10-12) AND an alternative school for the arts. Vimy Ridge is missing... check for others
    • Strathcona High School Update and ref . Athletic championships 45 years unbroken city championships for Track, lesser but still impressive runs for other sports. get details on provincial championship, appears that provincials were not held every year so get details. Improve AP and CAP coverage. improve history wrt Old Scona being in original building but only after a ~2 decade break
    • Riverdale High School (Quebec) update, expand with history, etc, section
    • Is there a Ben Ito SPI or did his stuff just keep getting deleted as unrelated to Wikipedia? I notice that he's now using the Wikipedia sandbox [1] to host his strange papers. Not a problem as long as he's content to keep it somewhere where the bot periodically clears it. April/16 User:Therefore1212 and User:Consequently1212 sound like him again... using own sandboxes rather than the wikipedia sandbox
      • requested speedies on these two sandboxes: unattributed copies and web hosting Aug 2021


    Possible or actual XFD or PROD, and Drafts

    As of July 29, 2017 new Twinkle nominations will be in User:Meters/PROD log and User:Meters/CSD log.

    As of August 28, 2017 Commons requests are in User:Meters/Commons deletion log (manual), AFD requests are in User:Meters/AFD log (manual) (new article review deletion requests are NOT logged automatically), and MFD and FFD requests are in User:Meters/MFD log (manual). Note that the manual logs are not complete as I seem to often forget to log them.

    New articles to create

    Add Canadian ones (all of them as of March/17) to Wikipedia:WikiProject Canada/The 10,000 Challenge when done

    Mergers and moves

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