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    My primary objective on Wikipedia is to formulate articles related to law of fine quality. I enjoy investigating widely to locate neutral, reliable sources. Secondary to content contributions, I partake in the internal workings and social side of Wikipedia in a way that hopefully adds something of merit. I believe in collaboration over hostility. My philosophy is to be bold with new ideas while also attempting to work with what is in place.


    I live in Australia, work as a lawyer, and avoid drop bears. My username is a play on my name Max with my favourite document, the Magna Carta. Other than Wikipedia, my favourite thing to do is go where I have never been. I pride myself on being educated through formal and informal means. I have learned a great deal through my tertiary education and so too from my travels. I value integrity, intellect, and altruism. Oh, and risotto.

    \'sample of my work\


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    "Just before fatigue envelopes us, taking us into sleep, we know how lucky we are to still enjoy consciousness, rationality, and love. But the greatest of these is love" - Michael Kirby


    - created - Australian Journal of Labour Law, Lloyd Clark Fletcher, Acquisition of Land Act 1967, National Competition Council, Michael Sexton, Leslie Katz, Hubert Henchman, Fair Work Amendment (Supporting Australia's Jobs and Economic Recovery) Act 2021, Solicitor-General of Queensland, Solicitor-General of the Australian Capital Territory, Sandra Pankhurst, Caleb Finn, Will Ashcroft, CFMMEU v Personnel Contracting, Family Trust, Clean (2022 film), Elizabeth Raper, Phillip Evatt, Lisa Hespe, Timothy McEvoy, Harry Sheezel, Cameron Mackenzie, Bailey Humphrey- rewritten - Dietrich v The Queen, Mark Valera, National Employment Standards, Fair Work Act 2009

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