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    Low to moderate level of vandalism.


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    Pages I maintain or edit regularly

    1. Curves for Women
    2. Ivan Khristo Bashev - Never heard of the guy, but saw an article was needed. Still needs more info though
    3. Rapture - trying to remove some of the bias and lopsidedness
    4. Neal Boortz
    5. Clark Howard - this article needs to be further developed
    6. Neal Boortz controversies‎
    7. Ben Carson - I'd like to see this article reach WP:FA
    8. Wintley Phipps
    9. 3rd Rock from the Sun - loved this sitcom...too bad it's no longer on

    Articles started

    Many of these need more work.

    1. Curves for Women
    2. Ivan Khristo Bashev - needs more info
    3. Boortz Wiki Quotes
    4. Neal Boortz controversies‎
    5. Category:Resistance training‎
    6. Dr. Leonard L Bailey - as stub
    7. David Lewis (singer) - stub
    8. Wintley Phipps - stub


    Infoboxes I've done, added correct infobox to, or fixed.