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    SpecialNewPages is a user script, which adds a Special:NewPages link to the top toolbar.[a] Clicking on the link gives the old Special:NewPages feed, hiding the patrolled edits. It is primarily designed for new page reviewers who prefer the old Special:NewPages feed. The source can be found here.


    To install the script, simply copy the following into your common.js page.[b]

    importScript('User:Lourdes/SpecialNewPages.js'); // Linkback: [[User:Lourdes/SpecialNewPages.js]]

    Note: You will need to manually bypass your cache after installation. Visit Wikipedia:Bypass your cache to see how to do this.


    The script is primarily designed for use by new page reviewers. At the same time, any registered user can install, and use the script. Be sure to have read and fully understood the instructions at New Pages Patrol before undertaking new page reviewing.


    1. ^ The top toolbar is the relatively smaller menu bar that an editor can view right at the top of the screen.
    2. ^ Adding the script to vector.js may create issues when viewed in skins other than the default vector skin.