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    • "Fitzgerald's love of animals began as a child. A turkey meant for the Worrall family's Thanksgiving dinner was thought to be dead when it sprang back to life. The bird had been plucked; the family kept it as a pet and knitted a small sweater for it to wear until its feathers grew in again." (Pegeen Fitzgerald)
    • "In the case of poultry, free range was the dominant system until the discovery of vitamins A and D in the 1920s, which allowed confinement to be practised successfully on a commercial scale. Before that, green feed and sunshine (for the vitamin D) were necessary to provide the necessary vitamin content. Some large commercial breeding flocks were reared on pasture into the 1950s. Nutritional science resulted in the increased use of confinement for other livestock species in much the same way." (Free Range) -- who does progress serve?
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      "In Volume 5 of his contemporary account of the London Prize Ring, Boxiana, published in 1829, Pierce Egan writes of an attempted fix (or "cross") of a match scheduled for October 18, 1825, between Reuben Marten and Jonathan Bissel ("Young Gas"). Young Gas refused to take the bribe and one week later identified the person who offered him £200 to throw the fight as a "Mr. Smith, a muffin-baker in Gray's Inn Lane." Young Gas also identified the "gentlemen" who employed the muffin-baker to act as go between, but those gentlemen denied involvement claiming they did not have "the slightest knowledge of the muffin-man."" (The Muffin Man)
    • "The Radiant Radish closed on July 29, 1970 ... In 2015, when asked what his favorite part about running the store was, [Brian] Wilson responded: 'The cash register.'" (Radiant Radish)
    • "Duane perfected this "milking" technique during his time in Paris and referred to the device as a "radium cow"." (Brachytherapy)
    • "She said she did not think much of modern fiction writers who reference their own lives instead of inventing new material, and she used to tell her creative writing students, 'I don't want to hear about your little life, OK?'" (Toni Morrison)
    • "The multiplayer mechanics of the Souls series were inspired by his own personal experience of driving up a snowy road as cars ahead began slipping back and were pushed uphill by other people in the area. As Miyazaki was unable to give his thanks before they left the area, he wondered whether the last person in the line had made it to their destination as he was unlikely to ever meet them again." (Hidetaka Miyazaki)
    • "Image of a simulated traversable wormhole that connects the square in front of the physical institutes of University of Tübingen with the sand dunes near Boulogne-sur-Mer in the north of France." Wormhole
      "The big things of Australia are a loosely related set of large structures, some of which are novelty architecture and some are sculptures. There are estimated to be over 150 such objects around the country. There are big things in every state and territory in continental Australia." (Australia's big things)
    • " For example, leopards hunt both species by capitalizing the elements of stealth and surprise. If the monkeys detect the leopard before it attacks (usually resulting in mobbing), the leopard will typically not attack." (Interspecies Communication)
    • "...organisms with a hearing range that can hear ultrasonic frequencies—like mice, bats or perhaps other plants—could hear the plants' cries from as far as 15 feet (4.6 m) away." (Sense)
    • "The first personality assessment measures were developed in the 1920s and were intended to ease the process of personnel selection, particularly in the armed forces." (Personality test) - The militaristic origins of codified personality
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