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I'm around wikipedia only sporadically; if you need to contact me your best bet is to email me.

Wiki vitae:
wisteria, Hippeastrum, honeysuckle, push printing, angle of view x4, perspective distortion x4, pansy violet, pistachio, almond, Spanish moss, Wandering Jew, shrimp plant, depth of field x5, color temperature, canna lily, kiwifruit, and spiderwort. Also the emphatically mediocre photos at Uxmal and Palenque, taken with a point-and-click camera in Summer 1997 and not the slightest idea of how to take a photo beyond "point, and click," as well as the bad aerial pix of a Los Angeles, California interstate at freeway interchange--which were taken with a camera whose focus ring was slipping, at a non-perpendicular angle through a dual-paned dirty window of a descending plane, and then went through the rather strong X-rays at LAX not once but twice before being developed. All in all, not a good day for the Nikon. I've released all the pix above (good, bad, & mediocre) into the public domain because I think copyright is commonly abused to stifle creativity and/or free expression, both of which I value more than money. Google images likes some of those pictures too.

articles I've contributed to considerably:
Blood Simple (which could use a bit more external information for me to be happy with it: on funding, lenses used, time to get it all in the can etc.) McCabe & Mrs. Miller (cannibalizing the DVD commentary), The Man Who Wasn't There, Sid Davis, Six O'Clock News, Time Indefinite, Henriette Roosenburg, Mark Jonathan Harris, Dziga Vertov, Ingmar Bergman, Joel and Ethan Coen, The Thin Blue Line.

All of my contributions are of course completely open for revision, refactoring, removal, replacement, etc., and if you can improve them then please do so. Chat with me here or use the "email this user" link at left (that works only if you're logged in also and have provided your own email address). :-)

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