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I think I got scammed because I didn't even get a crappy T-shirt.
This editor is a Grand High Togneme Vicarus and is entitled to display the Book of All Knowledge: 2nd Edition.

It would be really great if someone would invent a new Internet with the specific purpose of not making money off of it, but making it what it originally was, a free marketplace of ideas, and there are still aspects of the Internet that are that. Wikipedia, essentially, is still the bastion of the original ideals of the Internet.

Hello! I go by the username k6ka (/ˈkˈsɪksˈkˈ/ ) on Wikipedia and on many other websites. While this is my original online alias, in recent years I've increasingly begun using the alias Czar Hey in other places, although I still regularly use my old alias. I am a Wikipedia administrator, and although I primarily work on cleaning up vandalism, my field of work on the project has expanded over the years to include renaming users and "gnoming".

My philosophy on editing Wikipedia is fairly simple—we are all volunteer editors, so let's make this place fun to be on! Editing Wikipedia should be a hobby, not a job, and the Wikipedia of today was built by people who treated it as a hobby. If you find yourself treating this place a little too seriously, maybe it's time to loosen up a little.

Although I spend a fair amount of time on Wikipedia, I am also active on other wikis as well. (A wiki, by the way, refers to a website that anyone can edit. It's an improper noun, so please don't abbreviate Wikipedia as "wiki"! It is like calling the Eiffel Tower "tower".) I am active on Meta Wiki, where I am a global renamer there; and when I have time, I also clean up vandalism on the Simple English Wikipedia.

Outside of Wikipedia, I have a bachelor's degree in history and philosophy, and by profession I'm a technical writer with a graduate certificate in technical communication. I am also an avid photographer with an active presence on Flickr and Instagram, having dabbled in everything from wildlife to sports to street, though I don't consider myself to have a field of focus or specialty. I have my own portfolio website at

I don't work for Wikipedia or the Wikimedia Foundation.

Reaching out to me

The best way to contact me for any wiki-related affairs is on my public talk page. For private wiki-related matters, you can email me.

I am also on the Libera IRC network in the channels ##k6ka connect and #wikipedia-en connect, usually under the nickname k6ka.[n 1] I am also active on the unofficial Wikipedia Discord server, also under this nickname.

I do use social media and various other sites, but I generally won't discuss wiki-related matters on there.

Administrator actions

I do not work for Wikipedia or the Wikimedia Foundation. Administrators on Wikipedia are not paid employees and should not be treated as such. Administrators are regular users like everybody else that have simply been trusted with additional tools needed to keep the website in check.

Administrators are selected by the community through a process called Requests for adminship, or "RfA". My own RfA can be found here.

I am one of the few administrators that have voluntarily opened themselves up to recall. What this means is that, should the community believe that I have violated the accountability expected of me when I was appointed the position, I will voluntarily resign the position. My criteria for recall is listed here.

Photographs that I've taken

The photos above are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license.

See more images I've taken on Flickr, DeviantArt, and on Commons.



Big oof


Template stolen from Bluefist, who stole it from Chzz, who stole it from Jennavecia. Yes, I'm a filthy no-good very bad thief.

Links shamelessly stolen from Hazard-SJ.

My recent changes filters

  • Vandal fighting (uses ORES to calculate vandalism probability; likely vandalism highlighted in orange and red)

Articles I've worked on substantially

Admin stats

Stats were last updated October 3, 2023, @ 04:34:26 (UTC)

Crat statistics
Action Count
Edits 111403
Edits+Deleted 115391
Pages deleted 1094
Revisions deleted 1519
Logs/Events deleted 67
Pages restored 17
Pages protected 231
Pages unprotected 3
Protections modified 25
Users blocked 3082
Users reblocked 152
Users unblocked 19
User rights modified 12
Users created 7
Abuse filters modified 2
Users renamed 2513

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Other sites I'm on

Please note that I will not accept friend requests from people I do not know. Additionally, unless you are unable to use my on-wiki talk page, please do not try to contact me through other venues.

Other accounts that I own

The following accounts belong to me:

  • K6kaBOT, a doppelgänger account that is not currently used for editing (but reserved for the highly unlikely future if I so choose to run a bot here).
  • K6ka (alt), an account used when I need to log in from insecure WiFi networks, or if I edit from my mobile phone.
  • Enoch Leung, an account registered to prevent impersonation.
  • K6ka's Rename Account Test962, a test account used for the rename function. Won't be used for actual editing.
  • K888ka, a joke account created at Epicgenius's "suggestion," because 888 is a lucky number.
  • Czar Hey, an account registered to prevent impersonation.

This information is being disclosed as suggested by the sock puppetry policy.


  1. ^ Please note that, as of June 12, 2021, I am no longer on freenode, and have dropped my accounts and channel registrations there. If you see anyone with the name "k6ka" after this date, and you don't see me mention it here, it is not me.


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