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    I use this page as a parking lot for templates that I need to remember how to use.

    Convenience link: Special:MassPurge

    Display a given page in a specific skin[edit]

    e.g. Vector, Timeless, Monobook

    ?dtenable=1  (enable beta Discussion Tools)

    Null edit all articles with a given template?[edit]

    To be used sparingly, but it might be useful for templates that do not have a ton of usage: if you want to speed up the filling process, (1) install "User:Frietjes/masspurge.js" (done in vector.js) and (2) go to Special:MassPurge and (3) put "Template:Infobox royalty" (or the template you want to purge) in the top box and (4) press the top purge button. if it works, the bottom box will fill up with the list of all the transclusions and it will start purging each one.

    You can also paste a list of articles in the bottom box instead of putting a template in the top box.

    This works will purge one article every four or five seconds.

    Categories to watch[edit]

    Links to my AutoEd scripts[edit]

    Category search tools[edit]

    Quick Category Intersection Search

    Catscan - advanced multi-category search tool

    Show top 250 articles in a category by number of incoming links (paste cat name)

    Backlog checklist[edit]

    Backlog status (Purge)
    Category Current status
    CS1 errors: arXiv‎  Done
    CS1 errors: ASIN  Done
    CS1 errors: bibcode‎  Done
    CS1 errors: coauthors without author  Done
    CS1 errors: DOI  Done
    CS1 errors: invalid parameter value  Not done
    CS1 errors: ISBN‎‎  Not done
    CS1 errors: ISSN‎‎  Done
    CS1 errors: LCCN‎  Done
    CS1 errors: OCLC  Done
    CS1 errors: OL  Done
    CS1 errors: parameter link‎  Done
    CS1 errors: PMC‎  Done
    CS1 errors: PMID‎  Done
    CS1 errors: translated title‎‎  Done
    Pages with empty citations‎  Done
    Pages with citations having redundant parameters‎  Done
    Pages with citations using unnamed parameters‎  Done
    Pages with citations using unsupported parameters‎  Done
    URL–wikilink conflict  Done

    GOCE Coordinator Tasks[edit]

    Daily/Monthly/As Needed GOCE Coordinator tasks

    Typing a pipe character[edit]

    To type a pipe character within a template or elsewhere, use this template: {{!}}

    GOCE notice for Talk page[edit]

    The syntax for the article's Talk page template is:

    {{GOCE |user={{subst:REVISIONUSER}} |date={{subst:date}} |small= }}

    It looks like this:

    WikiProject Guild of Copy Editors  
    WikiProject iconThis article was copy edited by Jonesey95, a member of the Guild of Copy Editors, on April 12, 2013.

    The syntax for the requester's Talk page template is:

    | article = foobar
    | sign = message here. ~~~~

    It looks like this:

    {{Clarify}} Looks like this:[clarification needed]

    Use {{Dead link}} or {{dl}} when you find a dead link to a website within a paragraph or a reference citation. Doing so will place a note by the URL and add the article to one of the Category:Articles with dead external links categories.

    Append this template directly after the link or template, leaving the original link intact. Not doing so will prevent detection from automated tools. If the citation contains multiple URLs (e.g. chapterurl and url) in a template, and only one is broken, you can use <!-- hidden text --> to explain which one is broken.

    If the article uses clickable footnotes, then this tag should be placed just before the </ref> that contains the dead link. The notice will then correctly appear in the reference section (instead of in the body of the text, which is not recommended).

    Examples of the Convert template:

    • {{convert|32|F|C}} results in 32 °F (0 °C)
    • {{convert|32|ft|m}} results in 32 feet (9.8 m)
    • {{convert|32|PD/sqmi|PD/sqkm}} results in 32 inhabitants per square mile (12/km2)
    • {{convert|60|and|170|kg|lb}} results in 60 and 170 kilograms (130 and 370 lb)

    WP:MOS shortcuts[edit]


    The syntax for the template is:

    {{Multiple issues|
    {{Issue 1}}
    {{Issue 2}}
    {{Issue 3}}

    List of Cleanup messages.

    The syntax for the template is:

    {{coat rack}}

    References need expanding or improvement[edit]

    The syntax for the template is:

    {{refimprove}} or {{refimprove section}}

    Hatnotes, including For the main article... and This page is about...

    How to make a redirect[edit]

    To create a basic redirect manually, set #REDIRECT[[target page name here]] as the only body text of the page. For instance, if you were redirecting from "UK" to "United Kingdom", this would be the entire body of the "UK" page:

    #REDIRECT [[United Kingdom]]

    How to create a nice-looking list of references. A good multi-column list is


    (using |2 is deprecated).

    Edit summary to use when you de-orphan an article: Successfully de-orphaned! Wikiproject Orphanage: [[WP:ORPHAN|You can help!]]

    Needs more Wookieelink[edit]

    I can't believe that searching for Wookieelink in Wikipedia shows zero results.

    To exclude a Template documentation article from a subcategory of Category:Articles with incorrect citation syntax because it is a demonstration of how a template can generate an error, insert


    into the citation.

    If it's a custom cite template, the following needs to be included in the template code, in the {{cite web}} (or other cite template) code:


    After the above is added, the template documentation may need a null edit, after which the template needs one more null edit for it to be removed from the error category (or you can wait for the job queue to get around to it, if you're the patient type).

    Edit summary search[edit]

    Link to Edit summary search

    How to see CITEREF[edit]

    Trying two things.
    One author with displayauthors
    {{citation |displayauthors=1 |last1=one |year=2001 |title=Title}}
    one (2001), Title {{citation}}: Invalid |display-authors=1 (help) generates CITEREFone2001
    One author with last2=et al.
    {{citation |last1=one |last2=''et al.'' |year=2001 |title=Title}}
    one; et al. (2001), Title {{citation}}: Explicit use of et al. in: |last2= (help) generates CITEREFoneet_al.2001
    Jonesey95 (talk) 18:53, 20 December 2013 (UTC)Reply[reply]
    You can determine a CITEREF by viewing the page source; search for
    <span id="CITEREF
    and it goes from there to the next double quote. Alternatively, fill in the parameters of {{harvid}} and sandbox it:
    {{harvid|one|2001}} → CITEREFone2001
    {{harvid|one|et al.|2001}} → CITEREFoneet_al.2001
    I've filled them in above. One reason not to use et al. but instead supply all the authors and set |displayauthors= is so that all of them get added to the COinS metadata. -- Redrose64

    To generate a custom CITEREF, add ref={{harvid|Custom Name}} to the end of the citation.

    Protection levels[edit]

    Protection levels for WP articles: Wikipedia:Protection_policy#Comparison_table

    Interlanguage links[edit]

    Make an in-line link to an article in another Wikipedia like this:

    [[:fr:Joseph_de_Carayon-Latour|Joseph de Carayon La Tour]]

    It looks like Joseph de Carayon La Tour.

    To link to Commons, do this: [[:commons:User:Example|Example]]

    Use {{ill}}, {{ill2}}, or {{ill-WD}} to show both a redlink and an interlanguage link (ill and ill-WD will both hide the interlanguage link should the redlink turn blue). {{ill}} is used like this:

    {{ill|Sigmund Jakobsen|no}} → Sigmund Jakobsen [no]

    • {{ill|Charles Darwin (botanist)|lt=Charles Darwin|fr|Charles Darwin|de|Charles Darwin|es|Charles Darwin}} produces: Charles Darwin [fr; de; es]

    Citation Bot development version[edit]

    Citation Bot development version

    PMC to PMID to DOI converter[edit]

    To check if a given article has a DOI, PMC, or PMID, enter one of the identifiers at the PMID converter web page.

    Compare two pages[edit]

    compare two pages (diff)

    Coloring text[edit]

    What you type What it looks like

    I will change the color in {{color|blue|the middle part of}} this sentence.

    I will change the color in the middle part of this sentence.

    Show all pages with a given prefix[edit]


    Show citation text and rendering[edit]

    Cite journal
    Markup Renders as
    {{cite journal|author=Author|title=Title|journal=Journal name|pages=56-62}}

    Author. "Title". Journal Name: 56–62. {{cite journal}}: |author= has generic name (help)

    Cite book
    Markup Renders as
    {{cite book|author=Author|chapter=Chapter name|title=Book Title|pages=56-62}}

    Author. "Chapter name". Book Title. pp. 56–62. {{cite book}}: |author= has generic name (help)

    Purge CS1 citations[edit]

    Run Citation Bot against a category[edit]

    Links to RFCs referenced frequently[edit]

    Is YYYY-MM an acceptable date format? (Feb–Apr 2014)

    Hiding date errors (Sep–Oct 2013)

    Cite doi templates (Sep 2014)

    Hyphenated citation parameters (Jul 2014)

    Medical articles: replace cite doi and cite pmid with cite journal and a previous discussion of a similar topic (Jan 2015, Mar 2014)

    Month abbreviations (Jan 2014)

    Excluding namespaces from CS1 error categories (Sep 2013)

    Small caps only when it changes the meaning (May 2015)

    Deprecation of Cite doi templates (Sep 2015)

    Deprecation of Cite PMID templates (Oct 2015)

    Religion in infoboxes (Apr 2016)

    residence parameter in infobox person (December 2019)

    Ethnicity in infoboxes (April 2016)

    Four-digit years at the end of year ranges (July 2016)

    Coordinates in infoboxes (Aug 2016)

    Future of magic links (ISBN, RFC, PMID) (Feb 2017)

    This March 2017 (English Wikipedia) RfC determined that these magic links on the English Wikipedia should be replaced by the {{ISBN}}, {{PMID}}, and {{IETF RFC}} templates.

    Templates should have English parameters (not an RFC, not officially closed) (Feb 2017)

    No small font sizes in infoboxes (April 2018)

    Move DYKs out of Template space (April 2018)

    Deprecation of inline parenthetical referencing (within prose, outside of ref tags) (Sep 2020)

    Wikipedia:Wikidata/2018_Infobox_RfC#Discussion (June 2018) – most recent RFC on wikidata in infoboxes

    Wikipedia_talk:External_links/Archive_40#RFC_on_how_to_format_external_links (Sep 2020) – do not use cite templates in the External links section

    Native name discussions:

    RFC on unhyphenated parameters (April 2021, first close, later overturned)

    Template:BibISBN TFD; Cite ISBN TFD with link to deleted discussion about deleting all Cite ISBN templates. Example TFD for an ISBN XXX template

    Catscan searches[edit]

    Templates with duplicate arguments/parameters

    Template test cases and sandbox templates[edit]

    Foreign-language citation templates to change to auto-substitution[edit]

    See the See Also section at {{Cytuj stronę}}.

    Most of these are done. Add templates with over 100 transclusions to User:AnomieBOT/TemplateSubster force.

    Help:Magic words[edit]

    Help:Magic_words#Parser_functions for ifeq, ifexpr, switch, urlencode, CURRENTMONTH, formatting commands, and other magic words and parser functions.

    Template for articles needing further translation[edit]


    Templates I have edited (with useful code snippets)[edit]

    Templates to edit[edit]

    Add parameter validation to these templates

    Chart (1989–90) Peak
    Spanish Albums (PROMUSICAE)[2] 5


    Notability guideline for lists of alumni[edit]

    WP:NLIST is the notability guideline for lists of alumni and similar lists. A quote: "For instance, articles about schools often include (or link to) a list of notable alumni/alumnae, but such lists are not intended to contain everyone who attended the school — only those with verifiable notability."

    Generate Cite journal template from DOI[edit]

    Tool to generate Cite journal template from a DOI

    Subst a cite doi or cite jstor reference[edit]

    {{cite jstor|1514012}}

    can be substituted using:

    {{safesubst:#tag:ref|{{subst:cite doi/10.2307.2F1514012}}}}

    Italicize part of an article title[edit]

    {{DISPLAYTITLE:List of ''The Kingdom Keepers'' characters}} at the top of the article

    How to send a mass message[edit]

    On the Special page you just need to enter the mailing-list page, a header and the wikitext of the message itself. Add four tildes to the end of the message and you're good to go.

    December 2020 [[Wikipedia:WikiProject Guild of Copy Editors|Guild of Copy Editors]] Newsletter

    Unicode character analysis[edit]

    Regex for "any character until a given character"[edit]

    str = str.replace(/{{\s*[cC]ite doi\|10\.2307\/(.+?(?=[\}]))/gi, '{{Cite journal|jstor=$1');
    str = str.replace(/{{\s*[cC]ite doi\|(10\.\d+\/.+?(?=[\}]))/gi, '{{Cite journal|doi=$1');
    str = str.replace(/{{\s*[cC]ite pmid\|(\d+?(?=[\}]))/gi, '{{Cite journal|pmid=$1');
    Strip URL from external link:  \[http.+?(?= )(.+?(?=\]))\] (replace with $1)

    Regex testing

    Permanent link to a section of a page using the page history oldid[edit]




    How to show a rendered citation, including categories[edit]

    Use {{Code}}.

    Interwiki links[edit]

    Links to different projects and Wikipedias, and to external sites with special prefixes.


    Job queue takes 90+ days[edit]

    Discussion of the job queue from July 2014.

    See also T69419 and T132467.

    Redlinked templates (wanted templates)[edit]


    Project for ambitious WP programmer (or student)[edit]

    Make a universal age template that handles births, deaths, and ages gracefully, even when some pieces are unknown. The current mishmash of templates is a giant mess. The first step would be reading the documentation and talk pages for the existing templates to create a spec for what a universal template could do. It would probably have to be written in Lua. – Jonesey95 (talk) 05:13, 31 October 2016 (UTC)Reply[reply]

    Regular expression reference[edit]

    Wikipedia:AutoWikiBrowser/Regular expression

    Copyright violation detector[edit]

    Central banner notices[edit]

    Central banner notices are at m:CentralNotice/Request.

    Phabricator bug tracking[edit]

    • T106685: insource searches do not work properly (Marked as Resolved because they display a timeout warning now. Not fixed.)
    • T157152: Citoid adding extra "PMC" (Declined as not a bug, worked around in CS1)
    • T10761: false positives in template transclusion reports due to faulty js file parsing
    • T32758: exclude some namespaces from Special:WantedTemplates
    • T132467: categorization takes days or months when templates or modules change
    • T157670: categorization takes months or forever when MediaWiki code changes
    • T160269: serif font for lead section "edit" link (Fixed)
    • T133874: VisualEditor rearranges template parameters (Declined as not a bug)
    • T161581 T162291: Visual Editor wraps ISBNs in nowiki tags
    • T10681: Group watchlist changes across days
    • T132308: Citoid is not yet even minimally intelligent about the citation dates it inserts.
    • T174303: Citoid insert Special:BookSources link when ISBN is added
    • T18036: Number of category members (PAGESINCATEGORY) is inaccurate for large categories
    • T140606: Signatures are not checked for Linter errors (deployed mid-2020; includes flag for obsolete tags, not yet activated, waiting for consensus discussion here on en.WP) (talk page thread)
    • T215999: Linter does not detect invalid "500px500px" as a bogus file option (Fixed, but the fix caused T276675, Linter false positive: image caption ending in "px" is incorrectly detected as a Linter error)
    • T216003: Linter fails to detect multiple "upright" parameters as a Bogus file option
    • T56140: Move TemplateData to its own JSON-content namespace
    • T214984: PHP7's stricter JSON parsing breaks some wiki content (i.e. bad JSON was saved in the past using HHVM, and now if you try to edit a template that transcludes bad JSON, you will get an error even if you are not changing the JSON)

    Tasks I am following.

    Replacing Tidy[edit]

    Report on all WPs:

    Safe mode[edit]

    You can add ?safemode=1 to the end of the URL on Wikimedia wikis to disable your personal CSS and JavaScript. Example: This means you can test if a problem is because of your user scripts or gadgets without uninstalling them. [1]

    Add this to vector.js to make a left-bar easy link:

    importScript('User:PrimeHunter/Safe mode.js'); // Linkback: [ [User:PrimeHunter/Safe mode.js] ]

    Copy edit category note[edit]

    Note: This category has been reviewed to ensure that the articles actually need copy editing (i.e. that they are properly tagged). (signed)

    New word count script to try[edit]


    Template parameter values start with colon, semicolon, asterisk, pound sign[edit]


    Expand templates[edit]

    Expand templates to see what the rendered wikicode (not the rendered HTML) looks like. Useful for testing sandbox code and comparing to the existing template code.


    Templates for responding to edit-protected requests[edit]

    {{subst:ESp|xy}} (edit-protected, not done, change X to Y)

    or a script to do this in a fancy way, according to Izno:

    All the cool kids actually use User:Jackmcbarn/editProtectedHelper.js

    Check citations for consistency[edit]

    Check citations for consistency (CS1, CS2, named, unnamed, templated, not templated) ref info / refinfo:

    {{ref info|articlename|style=float:right}}

    reference info for Irritator
    unnamed refs 36
    named refs 46
    self closed 107
    cs1 refs 80
    cs1 templates 81
    webarchive templates 2
    use xxx dates mdy
    cs1|2 mdy dates 28
    cs1|2 last/first 81
    List of cs1 templates

    • cite book (3)
    • Cite book (6)
    • cite journal (16)
    • Cite journal (49)
    • Cite news (4)
    • Cite thesis (1)
    • cite web (2)

    Editing restrictions on specific editors[edit]

    Topic bans, warnings, editing restrictions: Wikipedia:Editing_restrictions

    Why I never touch TemplateData[edit]

    Lest we forget.

    Links to Mediawiki settings and configuration files[edit]

    Help:MediaWiki namespace

    Site-wide CSS and JS, including mobile

    MediaWiki:Common.css includes settings like navbox text = 88%

    See which version of Mediawiki and extensions are installed[edit]



    Wikipedia:List of Wikipedians by number of edits

    edit count rank

    HTML entity codes[edit]

    Also URL encoding UTF-8 codes:


    Fix JSON (sigh)

    Force edit with Visual Editor[edit]

    Add &veaction=edit to the edit page link.

    List of wikitext editors (including Visual Editor) as of mid-2020[edit]


    • the default MediaWiki editor from 2003, an HTML textarea
    • the 2010 "Extension:WikiEditor", confusingly called "enable the editing toolbar" or "the 2010 wikitext editor"
    • the 2017 wikitext editor (part of VisualEditor)
    • VisualEditor

    How to see what MediaWiki page generates a system-level message[edit]

    Put uselang=qqx in the query string. The ShowMessageNames gadget "Add a toolbox link to reload the current page with the system message names exposed" in Special:Preferences#mw-prefsection-gadgets will add a link to the sidebar to automatically do so.

    Interwiki links[edit]

    It's at meta:Interwiki map and changes are requested at its talk.

    gutenberg: and more. Shortcuts/abbreviations to other wikis, wikidata, wikipedias, wiktionary, etc.

    Wikipedia Library access[edit]

    Access to JSTOR, ODNB, EBSCO, ProQuest,,, and more.

    Templates starting with http[edit]

    Other common cite template biffs reports[edit]

    Character sorting order[edit]


    Page count by namespace[edit]

    Wikipedia:Database reports/Page count by namespace

    number of pages in each namespace; number of articles; number of templates

    How to use CS1 wrapper template[edit]

    {{Cite palaeontology}}

    Foreign language template translation instead of redirect[edit]

    See Template:Référence nécessaire.

    Simpler: (Template:Edad)

    {{subst only|auto=y}}
    This template assists with translating from Spanish to English by translating the Spanish [[:es:Template:Edad]] to the English [[Template:Age]].}}</noinclude>

    And here's a good basic Template redirect to copy wikitext from:


    To see CS1 cite template auto-substitution, see {{Book cite}}

    How to add child/embed support to an infobox[edit]

    Like this

    Format footnotes template[edit]

    {{format footnotes}} for articles that use deprecated parenthetical referencing.

    Web-based color picker[edit]

    Upload an image to find HTML color values

    Nested footnotes FAQ[edit]

    Nested ref tags do not work (with workarounds)

    Yet another reason to avoid becoming an admin, or even interacting with some admins[edit]

    Bad faith accusations in response to a constructive process question about speedy deletion. Note to self: This is the at least the second time that defensive, reading-resistant admins have dragged me through the mud in response to an attempt to fix something that is clearly broken. Admins can be very territorial and possessive about "their" bailiwicks. – Jonesey95 (talk) 18:15, 4 May 2021 (UTC)Reply[reply]

    Redirects from typos in template space[edit]

    Discussion and links to RFDs closed as "delete".

    Watch a page without watching the talk page[edit]

    Tricks copied from VPT:

    And of course there is always the workaround of Special:Relatedchanges: I use Special:Relatedchanges/User:Kusma/c to make sure edits to the articles I actually care about don't get lost in my (far too long and drama infested) watchlist. —Kusma (Кузьма · कुस्मा · 𐌺) 12:24, 27 May 2021 (UTC)Reply[reply]

    Message to template editor about test cases and sandbox[edit]

    Twice in the last few days, you have made multiple edits to live templates that are transcluded in many pages, introducing breaking changes. I recently reverted erroneous edits at {{Flaglist}}, which happened after you broke {{UN population}}. For any but the simplest of edits, please make your edits to the template's sandbox, then use the template's testcases page to ensure that you have not broken anything, then explain your changes on the template's talk page. Feel free to ping me from a template talk page if you would like feedback on your proposed edits to a template sandbox. If there are no objections to your proposed changes, it is then appropriate to copy the sandbox code to the live template. Thanks.

    Apply magic word to a different page[edit]

    From Help:MAGIC:
    Note: The magic words above can also take a parameter, in order to parse values on a page other than the current page. A colon (:) is used to pass the parameter, rather than a pipe (|) that is used in templates, like {{MAGICWORD:value}}. For example, {{TALKPAGENAME:Wikipedia:MOS}} returns Wikipedia talk:MOS on any page.

    Why unnamed parameters are bad[edit]

    I should write an essay.

    • one reason (blank parameter ignored when the error is an extra pipe)

    Detect dead link template in sport report template[edit]

    This fixed link-in-link errors.

    Also fixed in non-Lua at {{Linescore}}.

    Search results in template space for similar http string matching

    replace spaces or other text[edit]

    {{replace}} can strip spaces: {{replace|09 7 61 000| |}} → 09761000

    Instructions for sloppy template editors[edit]

    1. Revert the recent non-working edits to the live template, which is transcluded on 131 pages, in case you broke anything.
    2. Create a sandbox version of the template.
    3. Create and populate a testcases page.
    4. Use Special:ExpandTemplates to figure out what the rendered version of the template's wikitext looks like.
    5. Modify the sandbox and testcases page until you fix the problem or have a better idea of where the problem resides.
    6. If necessary, repeat the previous two steps until you fix the problem or get stuck.
    7. If you fix the problem, copy the sandbox code to the live template.
    8. Post a note on the template's talk page asking for help.

    TFD about redirects to Template:End[edit]


    Template to close a table using wikitext or </table>. See also {{s-end}}.

    Userbox namespace guideline[edit]


    OK to move userbox templates to User:UBX/xxyy.

    In the template namespace, userbox names must begin with "User " (e.g. Template:User Brazil or Template:User en)

    How page images are chosen[edit]

    Default page image in page information thumb thumbnail

    Check for errors in Module:Political party[edit]


    party color link abbrev shortname colour meta/color

    Find hex color from image[edit]

    Put image URL here:

    Query showing stale refreshlinks[edit]

    Query showing stale refreshlinks. Related to T157670 about pages not being refreshed and needing periodic null edits.

    Figures are in thousands, so a page count reading "2942" is 2,942,000 pages.

    Bot is operated by User talk:Wbm1058

    Infobox template pages containing small tags[edit]

    Infobox template pages containing small tags

    Infobox template pages containing small template

    How to replace rail style templates[edit]

    For the styles, you do this the style is the name of the module and the style2 is the table key in the name format in the Module:Adjacent stations/Istanbul Metro. if there is only one name format, you don't need the table (see Module:Adjacent stations/Sydney Metro). you can also get more fancy and use string.format like Module:Adjacent stations/Manila LRT which also keeps the colors in sync.

    Module:Adjacent stations/Kaohsiung Rapid Transit is the equivalent of a module redirect, at least for these modules.

    See Module:Adjacent stations/ÖBB and Module:Adjacent stations/Iarnród Éireann and Broombridge railway station for how to do branch lines.

    subst code to replace template including parameters[edit]

    How to set up a template to subst its parameters when converting it to another template.

    This worked for {{Hover title}} converting to {{tooltip}}. We needed to swap parameters 1= and 2=, and display link= and dotted= if they existed but not introduce empty parameters if they were not already there.

    The code did not work properly on the testcases page, but substing worked flawlessly.

    {{tooltip|1={{{2|}}}|2={{{1|}}}{{subst:<noinclude />#if: {{{link|}}}|{{subst:<noinclude />!}}link={{{link}}}}}{{subst:<noinclude />#if: {{{dotted|}}}|{{subst:<noinclude />!}}dotted={{{dotted}}}}}}}<noinclude>

    Watchlist notices / messages[edit]

    MediaWiki talk:Watchlist-messages

    How to change the number of items shown on Linter reports[edit]

    This works for History, Contributions, and Linter report pages.

    Preferences > Recent changes > Number of edits to show in recent changes, page histories, and in logs, by default

    Database report template[edit]

    [copied from Wikipedia talk:Database reports]

    {{Database report}} template can now be used to set up one-off or periodically updating reports in userspace or project namespace, given an SQL query. The template doc lists the supported formatting options. Feel free to give it a try and let me know if you face any issues. – SD0001 (talk) 15:43, 28 October 2022 (UTC)Reply[reply]

    Mapframe parameters for unknown parameter check[edit]

    Module:Infobox mapframe

    Workarounds for newline caused by # * : ; at start of parameter value causing a new line[edit]


    Purge an image that has and outdated cached image at one or more sizes[edit]


    Add ?action=purge to the File URL

    Add a period (full stop) to an argument if it does not have one[edit]

    {{Terminate sentence}}: This template returns its first argument, after adding a full stop (or its second argument) if the sentence was not finished.