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Joe Kozlowski
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I'm one of those old farts at the leading edge of the Baby Boomers (b. 1945) who knows a little about a lot but not a whole lot about anything in particular.

My approach to Wikipedia is three track:

  • I try to fill holes by initiating articles dealing things with about which I know a little or where I think doing the research would be interesting to me.
  • I read articles by others and, where I feel they've left significant questions unanswered, I research the answer and add the information to the article. This includes adding links to articles by others in Wikipedia.
  • I fix glaring spelin and gramer faux pas when efer I spot them n hav the time. Ths dn't mean to say I don't make them mice elf. I do. I only hope some1 else katches em whn eye dn't.


I was born in Upstate New York in one of the communities surrounding Syarcuse. I'm currently based in Tucson, though I've lived in Mount Carroll, Illinois, Chicago, San Francisco, Grand Rapids, Michigan, Lakewood, Ohio near Cleveland, Vernon, New Jersey, Parsippany, New Jersey and East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania with several stops in between.

I spent some time at Syracuse University and later at Shimer College during the 1960s while it was still located in Mount Carroll, Illinois. My formal education focused on the social sciences with a concentration in anthropology. Perhaps my greatest conceit is that I never let schooling get in the way of my education.

Most of my career has been spent in sales and marketing, spanning a number of companies across several industries. During the course of my career I've worked for or consulted with Billings Hospital at the University of Chicago, Thor Metal Products (now defunct), American Seating, West Michigan Magazine (affiliated with Public Television), Telarc, Denon Records (aka. Nippon Columbia) and Ricoh Corporation among other entities.

I'm currently a self-employed consultant. I produce a daily newsletter, distributed via e-mail, for a company involved in the document imaging industry. The e-publication has a global readership of several thousand people with circulation in the USA, Canada, Europe, Japan, Hong Kong, Australia as well as in Latin America. The newsletter tracks the activities of various companies involved in the office machine, document management and imaging industries through press releases and news items. Its circulation is primarily throughout corporate management and executive levels worldwide.

When I'm not doing that I pretend to be a photographer (See "External links"). I also do some volunteer work several days each month at a museum in Arizona focused on the indigenous peoples of the Americas.

I taught the basics of several software packages for seven years (one week a month) in a corporate environment mostly because I got sick and tired of those "productivity tools" on which corporations spend billions being the single largest impediment to anyone getting anything done around the office.

Those packages included:

I'm pleased to announce that, in my semi-retirement, I've not bothered to keep up with the updates.

During the course of my career my responsibilities have included:

  • Full advertising and public relations responsibility for a $20 million company.
  • Management over site of corporate trade show participation including logistics, setup, staffing, staff supervision and tear down as well as spokes person(s) selection.
  • Project manager and acted as the interface between end-users and IT programmers, systems analysts and designers for customer relationship management (CRM) and transactional systems development and implementations in a $15 billion multi-national corporate environment.
  • Development of presentations directed at such diverse audiences as:
    • Wall Street market analysts
    • Dealer networks
    • Product end-users/consumers
    • and as general internal corporate communications tools

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If somebody beats me to 'em, that's OK. They'll simply turn blue. (The links, genius, the links!)

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Links to the images and to the articles in which they are or were included:

Catalina Highway
Pueblo Bonito, Chaco Canyon, NM
Tulum, painting by J. S. Kozlowski, 1940.
Spencer MacCallum, leading authority on Mata Ortiz pottery.
Southwestern style Fancy Dancer. See Pow-wow
Saddle Bronc competition, Fiesta de los Vaqueros, Tucson, AZ. See Rodeo
Visitor's Center,
Seguaro Nat'l Park (West)
Team Roping competition at Tucson's Fiesta de los Vaqueros. The Fiesta is an annual event held in February. See Tucson, Arizona
Texas Canyon, Arizona
Yak-9. See Mid-Atlantic Air Museum
Dean Weiscotten 1946. See Joseph S. Kozlowski, painter
Santa Catalina Mountains
File:Joseph S. Kozlowski.jpg
Joseph S. Kozlowski. Self-portrait (1942)
The Aspen Fire above Tucson. (2003)
thumb|Joe Kozlowski]]
Center for Creative Photography
Picacho Pass re-enactment

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