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I became a Wikipedean on February 20, 2004, although I made a few minor edits anonymously up to a month earlier.

I have made major contributions to the following articles, where major means most if not all of an article, a major rewrite thereof, or at least an entire section thereof (often the history section):

Chinese calendar, Time zone, NATO phonetic alphabet, Hijra (Islam), Islamic calendar, Julian calendar, Light-time correction, Solar time, Dating Creation, Helen Wills Moody, Roman numeral, 0 (year), Ecclesiastical new moon, Indiction

I have made minor contributions to the following articles, where minor means the addition of a significant fact, or the correction of a significant fact:

Tabular Islamic Calendar, Proleptic Gregorian calendar, Aberration of light, Anno Domini, History of standard time in the United States, January 1, Corpus Juris Civilis, June 8, Coordinated Universal Time, Joint Army/Navy Phonetic Alphabet, Telescope mount, Nanosecond, Natural number, Easter, Babylonian calendar, Japanese calendar, Calendar era, Greek numerals

Not included above are many minor edits, such as wording, spelling, typos, etc.