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    This page contains "notes to self" about where to find things and reminders of what I'm trying to learn.

    Current outstanding workitems[edit]

    Non-categorized worklists[edit]

    Wikipedia:Today's articles for improvement – the granddaddy of them all!

    One of the things I like to do is scan Category:CS1 errors and Category:CS1 maintenance categories for what are usually small edits that are quick and easy to do. The backlog of these errors seems to be enormous, so I'll never finish. And pages with these sorts of errors frequently have other opportunities for improvement. Having a ready source of quick edits allows me to make more frequent contributions in contrast with the bigger tasks that sometimes seem to take a week or more for me to do. Also helps with WikiDiversification.

    Categorized worklists[edit]

    WikiProjects and portals[edit]

    NPP and AfC[edit]

    Users noted[edit]

    Runs a bot that adds archiveurls, among other things; also does interesting things with his signature
    Admin David Goodman; User page has great info about notability, deletion discussions
    Long-time editor in medical topics
    Frequent helper on IRC; also see User:DragonflySixtyseven/Maintenance stuff
    Has a useful shortcut directory of templates and tools
    formerly active in WP:WikiProject Skepticism, but seems to have been blocked
    Has an extensive list of tools and other resources
    A skeptical editor, not a member of GSoW, but now blocked.
    new changes patroller, better than me at finding replacements for dead links
    mostly medicine, some religion, has a good section about COI and how to deal with it - blocked now
    admin who helped with my unblock request when I found my DSL IP address fell in a blocked range
    has a good FAQ page at User:Khamar/FAQ‎
    Mary Roach specialist
    philosophy and mathematics
    my first mentor, now an admin
    A skeptical editor not known to be a member of GSoW
    a bit focused on SCUBA, but a long-time editor with interesting links
    also see User:SwisterTwister/Welcome for introductory user advice page - blocked now
    ambassador for Visual Editor

    Next goals[edit]

    1. Work at reviving Wikipedia:WikiProject Skepticism
    2. Look at how some of the other WikiProjects do their thing


    Other tools[edit]

    Side-by-side comparisons[edit]

    I did this table based on work found at Wikipedia:Draft rewrite of Notability (academics)/Side-by-side.