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    About me[edit]

    I grew up in Colchester, where I attended Colchester Royal Grammar School. I am British Chinese; most of my family lives in Hong Kong.

    I was a PhD student at DAMTP, University of Cambridge, where I studied granular mechanics, and the applicability of boundary layer theory to granular flows. Ask me more! I'm an alumnx of Queens' College, Cambridge.

    In daily life I use the pronoun they. I use she in some communities, and he for historical reasons.

    Interests and editing style[edit]

    I'm particularly interested in mathematics, especially fluid dynamics and granular mechanics. I'm also interested in Chinese history and Chinese culture, as well as East Asian culture more generally.

    I support the Plain English Campaign. Plain English is a writing style which aims for 'clarity, brevity, and the avoidance of technical language'. Among other things, Plain English prefers simple sentence structures, avoids using the passive voice, and avoids inappropriate jargon, formal language (especially euphemisms – see WP:CENSOR), and clichés. I often edit articles to rephrase paragraphs which are unclear, or remove words which don't contribute any meaning. Please let me know if such an edit inappropriately changes a sentence's meaning.

    Here are some of the articles that I have created, edited substantially, or (if red link) intend to create. It's often said that people here live inside the Cambridge bubble, so if my ideas of notability are misguided, please let me know.

    General mathematics[edit]

    Stability theory[edit]

    My essay for Part III was on the stability of shear flows: particularly, stability analysis using global modes. The following articles are relevant, and I have created or edited some of these articles.

    Finite element analysis[edit]

    Fluid dynamics[edit]

    Granular mechanics[edit]


    Chinese culture and philosophy[edit]

    Hong Kong[edit]

    Conflicts of interest[edit]

    I am not, and have never been, a paid editor. However, I do often contribute towards articles whose subjects with whom I may have external affiliations.

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