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Hello! I'm Josh, a Wikipedian currently based in York in England. Outside of Wikipedia, I'm a philosopher, and I currently work at Loughborough University. For more information, see my website or my "about me" page. I have been a Wikipedia editor since 2006, and was very active for around 15 years. I had less time for Wikipedia in the 2020s, and labelled myself "semi-retired" in 2022, but I still poke my head in from time-to-time.

I am interested, among other things, in philosophy, animal rights, natural sciences, and various facets of popular and not-so-popular culture. I have written over 15 featured articles, over 30 good articles, and around 100 did you know articles. I have made over 100,000 edits on the English Wikipedia, and for a time was one of the top 250 contributors by number of edits.

Though most of my time on Wikipedia is spent writing and reviewing articles, I have previously been much more involved in certain administrative activities. I have been an administrator on the English Wikipedia since 2007, but rarely use the tools any more. I operated a bot, which ran several times between 2008 and 2013, and I was a WikiCup judge from 2009 to 2014. I have been an administrator on Wikimedia Commons (2009 to 2015) and an OTRS volunteer (2009 to 2015). I have taken part in a number of editathons, including the 2016 Women in Philosophy Drive and a 2017 Art+Feminism event at Queen's University in Canada, and attended a few Wikimedia meetups.

I sometimes edit articles that are broadly or narrowly related to my professional research interests. Generally, I have found other editors very supportive of this, though it does mean that I sometimes edit articles about (for instance) people I know, or people I come to know, professionally. This is consistent with the relevant guidelines, though if any editor has a good-faith concern about a potential conflict of interest or "non-neutral" editing, I am very happy to discuss it with them.

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