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    And it looks like I may be playing a bit again, in a different way.

    JHK is still not playing, but lurks occasionally, when correcting student essays gets to be a drain. People who know her know how to find her ...

    The manifesto on leaving, which remains pretty valid. Every time I come back, it's the same old stuff, the same old tired people trying to push their agenda ...

    Folks, it's been a blast, but I'm too tired to play anymore. I've worked very hard to master my craft and have objective opinions that I'm good at it, so I don't need the wikipedia for validation. I enjoyed being here because I felt I was part of a community with a common goal, working with (mostly) other fun, friendly, intelligent people. Even people with whom I have had major differences, like Ed have become congenial colleagues, and I thought there was an atmosphere here of mutual respect. Over the past few days this seems to have changed. I feel that my integrity has been questioned by a group of people who refuse to provide even the least amount of information about themselves. If it's not any fun, and the dread of finding out what the next day brings is much more evident than any emotional or intellectual reward, I see no reason to spend my time here.

    Much discussion has taken place of late on the Wikipedia mailing list on how to attract more experts. I think Ortolan88 is correct that experts are not necessary -- only intelligent, well-educated (even to a good high school level) people who can write well. I would take it a step further. Because the wikipedia is open to all comers, experts are not really welcome except by the few who are both open to constructive criticism and secure in their own abilities. As the wikipedia has grown, I have seen more and more people without those qualities take their places among us. I had hoped that the wikipedia would be a successful project and would avoid sinking to the demands of the lowest common denominator, instead becoming an up-to-date, useful online resource I could recommend to my students. It may eventually be so, but I think it will take a while and may not happen unless guidelines for contributions and behavior actually become enforceable standards. Not that I believe in excessive force, but at present there is no real mechanism for dealing with people who consistently contribute badly written articles or behave in an anti-social manner. Perhaps that will happen eventually, and that time may coincide with a point where I once again have time to give to such an ambitious and (I believe) worthy project. I hope so. Until then, those of you who want to find me know how. I'll be happy to answer questions by e-mail. Hasta, ciao, salud, and tschüss. Jules

    Bon voyage, and I hope you find yourself back here again sometime--you don't need the project, but it may need you. Vicki Rosenzweig

    I hope to "see" you again too. Best, --KQ

    Damn - the project will miss you greatly and this place will not be the same without you. I do hope you can come back soon. There really does need to be minimum standards here as you say and I will work toward making these policy. Maybe then you can return -- I just hope the sublte revionists don't take control before then. Good luck and I wish you well.--mav

    I'm sorry to see you go, Julie. You'll be sorely missed. --Stephen Gilbert

    Some days I get so angry at the whole idea of Wikipedia. This is one of them and this is why. All the best, Ortolan88.

    It is understandably a sad day for the rest of us to see you go away, but the wearing nature of some disputes demands rest, and that too is understandable. I will continue to harbour the quiet hope that your name will again appear on Recent changes. At 59 I should have learned long ago to cast aside idealism, in the way one casts aside the toys from childhood. There is much to be said in favour of the Wikipedia project, but there are still things that happen here that reflect problems with a much wider scope. I truly believe that many people have difficulties grasping that real NPOV is not a question of your NPOV versus my NPOV. See ya! Eclecticology

    I just want to offer my thanks for all your help and support for the project. I've learned so much from your work here, and it is very sad for me to see you silenced in some way by people who lack your training, knowledge, integrity, and patience. I hope you reconsider, and I hope to see you here again very soon. Danny

    This is a real loss to the project. But you have to take care of yourself, I know. I truly hope you will come back -- in a few weeks, or months. Good luck. Slrubenstein

    It is a sad day to see you leaving us but staying away from some frustrating disputes is understandable. Sincerely hope to see you rejoining the project soon. All the best. KT2

    Well, do as you must. Just know that as far as I am concerned you are welcome back anytime. user:Christopher Mahan

    I just read somewhere that you too went to UCSB, came here to chat you up a bit, and now this! It's a pity, you did so much for the project. Could you do one more thing? Send historian #3 for us to wear down.  :-) AxelBoldt

    You know the meaning of "quality", and how much it is important for us.
    We too.
    Arrivederci a presto. ;-) Gianfranco
    p.s.: non prevalebunt!

    Well, this is very belated, but I've been spending a few days here again and I have to say I understand where you're coming from. I think we all have to learn more kindness and humility if this project is going to succeed. Then, hopefully, we'll be able to get you back. --Larry Sanger

    Welcome back, Julie! Space Cadet 01:28, 6 Apr 2004 (UTC)

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