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When commenting on AfD discussions that there are sources available that result in a pass of the general notability guideline, please link to them if possible. It is very easy to do so and has many benefits. Frequently AfDs fizzle out as participants opining to keep the article fail to provide links to the asserted sources. Even if the sources are in the article, it is best practice to link to them for ease of clarity in the discussion. Other benefits are:

  • The !voters opining to delete will see your argument easier. You should assume that the nominator and others had done WP:BEFORE searches and as such they may not where the sources you are referring to are found.
  • It saves time for the closer when they are assessing the discussion and also makes them more likely to rule in your favour.

In general, it makes the discussion much easier for all involved and generally a more efficent discussion comes out of it, frequently eliminating mindless bickering.