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    My hometown is New Orleans, Louisiana, which I dearly love. I live Uptown.


    Meet the Wikipedian[edit]

    I do radio shows and writing related to jazz, as well as irregular historical research on other New Orleans subjects. I am part time trombone player with the good fortune to live in a place where I have had a chance to play with some wonderful bands and musicians.

    I've been on line since 1994. I tend to avoid mentioning my legal name on the internet, just to make things a bit harder for the tiny fraction of a percentage of people on line who use such information for unscrupulous purposes or mischief.

    My handle "Infrogmation", as you might guess, is a portmanteau of "Information" and "Frog". I started using it because the handle "frog" or "froggy" was usually already taken on various websites. And the frog reference? New Orleans seems to be quite fond of nicknames, and after I wore a frog costume for Mardi Gras, some people called me "Froggy". Figuring there are much worse things one can be called, I did not object, and it stuck. Hey, frogs are nifty.

    Me (at left) speaking at dedication of historical marker
    on the centenial of the opening of Storyville

    Been there[edit]

    Other places I have lived include: Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Pompano Beach, Florida, USA; Belize City, Belize; Mérida, Yucatán, Mexico; Antigua Guatemala, and San Pedro Sula, Honduras. The beautiful cities of Mérida and Antigua were my favorites after New Orleans.

    Do I get to add Austin, Texas, where I resided on evacucation (Tex-ile?) in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina?



    Infrogmation playing at a Mardi Gras Tumble, 2003

    I love good chocolate, tea, and wine. And well prepared New Orleans style red beans & rice. Mmmm.

    And New Orleans Mardi Gras. Yay, Mardi Gras!


    And now, a pair of photos of my great-grandparents in 1900.

    GGrandHug.jpg GGrandKiss.jpg

    What a cute couple.


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