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On Sourcing (mainly for AFDs)[edit]

  • If something is commonly written in a native form (including non-Latin scripts and Latin scripts with diacritics) then that needs to be searched for.
  • The notes at WP:INDAFD broadly apply not just to India but to a lot of countries.
  • Given an English form of an Arabic word -- or even a word in Arabic script -- a non-speaker will find the searching painful (Semitic roots, etc). There can be multiple transliterations of even proper nouns (for instance see Muhammad (name)).
  • If sources are not apparent due to large number of false hits, try limiting the search to the country with "site=*.xx" where XX is the two-letter country code such as FR, IN, AU, CZ, etc)
  • For publically-listed companies, the company code should be searched for with the term "analyst"; this will tend to reveal reports.
  • Those who find sources demonstrating sufficient notability during the AFD are and should be under no obligation to actually add them to the article (though it's nice when they do). Corollary: Those who nominated or voted to Delete without finding said sources should feel free to feel obligated to add said sources as penance.
  • BLP Obituary Notability Litmus Test: If the article subject were to die today, would they be likely to receive obituaries in non-local general or specialist sources?
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