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User:Hurricanehink is an American singer-songwriter and pianist, and a Wikipedian since 2004. Hurricanehink has been a Wikipedia administrator since March 17, 2008. I am a Wikipedia user, a member of the Tropical cyclone Wikiproject, and 2011 Wikicup winner. In addition, I'm a lifelong musician, pianist, and singer-songwriter. I moved to New York City in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic in hopes of achieving fame. My working hours in real life fluctuates, which affects my activity on Wikipedia, but I usually end up coming back after extended absences. I hope to one day have a Wikipedia article about myself, but for that to happen, I have to do more in the world and pass the WP:NOTABLE criteria. If you're interested in my experience as a Wikipedian, check out this cool blog post on Wikimedia.

I first became an anonymous user on December 27, 2004. My first anon edit was to the Wikipedia sandbox, changing the word hello to Hello. This was to test that I really could edit the articles. Minutes later, I made my first mainspace edit to the 1969 Atlantic hurricane season by adding Inga to the lead for notable storms. For 8 months, I continued to become better at articles, during which I created my first article; 1949 Atlantic hurricane season. I also created 1939, 1925, 1924, 1923, 1909, 1907, 1905, 1904, 1903, and 1902.