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This is the Wikipedia user page for HouseBlaster.

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Hi. I like Wikipedia. I do not know why you are reading this, but have a great rest of your day.

About me[edit]

I enjoy editing Wikipedia, and hope you do too! You will often find me patrolling new pages, fighting vandalism, or fixing lint errors. I also like helping out with copyright-related issues: I move free-as-in-speech files to Commons, fulfill requests at files for upload, and help out at WikiProject History Merge. I occasionally do some work with the ever-present issue of a lack of inline citations, with a penchant for fixing dead links.

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Tasks and links[edit]

Backlog Categories
Backlog categories Status Update
Pages with missing references list  No backlog
Orphaned articles  Not done
Dead-end articles  Done
Uncategorized articles  Not done
Dead external links  Not done
Articles with Bare URLs  Not done
Duplicate arguments in templates  Not done
Stubs that need sorting  Not done
Articles to be merged  Not done
Files to be copied to Commons  Not done
COI edit requests  Not done
Wikipedians looking for help  Done
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