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Hello! My name is Hersfold. Welcome to my user page! While I have mostly retired from Wikipedia, I still pop in from time to time. If you need to contact me for any reason, the best way to do so is via email at Special:Emailuser/Hersfold. If you correct any vandalism to this page, thank you in advance!

Thanks for visiting, Hersfold (t/a/c)

My work on Wikipedia

I was an administrator on the English Language Wikipedia for about five years (RfA), a bureaucrat for over a year and a half, a checkuser for three and a half years, and twice a member of the Arbitration Committee.

Most of my work on Wikipedia was done in the background, keeping things running smoothly so that editors can continue to improve the project without disruption. I was a Recent Changes and New Pages patroller, checking for vandalism and inappropriate pages. I've worked with Sebastian to update the coding on WP:UTM to include the tooltip templates he designed, to make using the vandalism warning templates and other frequently used talk page messages much easier. On the more administrative side of things, I reviewed unblock requests regularly, and often stopped by WP:RFPP and WP:PER to see if any protection-related work needs doing. As a checkuser, I also investigated sockpuppetry investigations and carried out other checks as needed. I also frequently checked the Help Desk and the {{helpme}} category for newcomers and the occasional oldtimer that needed a question answered.

Articles that I've done substantial work on include Carcross Desert (DYK), Hood Mockingbird (DYK), Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park, and Bertrand Russell.

While I've largely retired from the project, I do still maintain User:HersfoldArbClerkBot and an associated IRC bot for the Arbitration Committee's clerk corps, to assist them with management of evidence and other arbitration case pages.

For a full list of my contributions on Wikipedia, check here: Contributions and Logs

About me

I am a graduate of UMBC, with a degree in Computer Science. My interests include photography, soccer, computers, and scouting. On the soccer end of things, I have previously been a USSF certified referee and officiate games in my local recreational league.

Where I've Been

 United States  Canada Other Countries


Anything that gets uploaded by me that was created by me (photographs, digital images, etc.) will be multi-licensed under the GFDL and the most recent Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license, unless stated otherwise by me on the image page.


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Quick Information
  • Registered: 2006 December 21 (16 years, 157 days)
  • Admin from: 2008 March 17 (RfA) - 2013 March 12
  • CheckUser since: 2009 August 20 (log) - 2013 March 12
  • Bureaucrat since: 2011 July 19 - 2013 March 12
  • Arbitrator from: 2010 January 1 to 2010 May 13, and 2012 January 1 to 2013 March 12
  • Edit count (approximate): ~33,100
  • Location: USA
  • Time zone: Eastern standard time (UTC -4/5)
  • Admin actions (approximate): ~8,300
  • Countries visited: 18
  • US States visited: 48
  • Canadian provinces visited: 9

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Alternate Accounts
  1. Hersford (talk · contribs)
    • Doppelganger, unused & blocked
  2. Hersfold non-admin (talk · contribs)
    • For use on insecure connections, has rollback & account creator
  3. Hersfold test sock (talk · contribs)
    • For testing purposes only
  4. Hersfold tool account (talk · contribs)
    • For use with AWB/Huggle/NewPageWatcher
  5. Hersfold sock1 (talk · contribs)
    • Accidentially created, unused & blocked
  6. Hersfold sock2 (talk · contribs)
    • Accidentially created, unused & blocked
  7. HersfoldBot (talk · contribs) (transwiki bot)
    • Transwiki bot to Wiktionary (task)
  8. HersfoldOTRSBot (talk · contribs)
    • OTRS Notification bot operating on Commons
  9. HersfoldCiteBot (talk · contribs)
    • Citation error correction bot (not yet approved)
  10. HersfoldArbClerkBot (talk · contribs)
    • Arbitration Committee clerking bot (not yet approved)
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