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    Source. Accessed 5 April 2009

    We have many of these paintings under other titles, and the list seems dubious.

    1. Close, Big Self Portraitd:Q98609717
    2. Gerard David, The Wedding at Canad:Q19318765
    3. Dubuffet, Le Métafisyx
    4. Dufy, Street with Flagsd:Q60061788
    5. Gris, Le Petit Déjeunerfr:Le Petit Déjeuner
    6. Guardi, Gala Concert in Honour of Princess Maria Fedorowna in Veniced:Q29474644
    7. Hodler, The Stockhorn Group on the Lake of Thun
    8. Hofmann, The Gated:Q19882607
    9. Indiana, The Figure Fived:Q62451405
    10. Kauffmann, Cornelia Pointing to Her Children as Her Treasures
    11. Kelly, Red Blue Green (He has a number of similar paintings, perhaps from a series, it may be more valuable to write about them all, rather than an individual piece)
    12. Kirchner, Two Women in the Street
    13. Lam, Initiation
    14. Leibl, Three Women in a Church
    15. Matta, Je m'honte
    16. Miró, Painting
    17. Modersohn-Becker, Seated Nude with Flowers
    18. Motherwell, Elegy to the Spanish Republic No. 34
    19. Noland, Giftd:Q28564128
    20. Nolde, Masksd:Q64563047
    21. O'Keeffe, City Nightd:Q20891250
    22. Pissarro, La Place Du Théâtre Françaisd:Q20881119
    23. Prud'hon, Portrait of the Empress Joséphined:Q18762449
    24. Reinhardt, Abstract Painting, Blued:Q28134170
    25. Reynolds, Portrait of Mrs. Elisha Mathewd:Q28094068
    26. Ruysch, Flower Still Life – which of the dozens she did?
    27. Sánchez Cotán, Quince, Cabbage, Melon and Cucumberd:Q90563978
    28. Schiele, Portrait of Paris von Güterslohd:Q20891412
    29. Schmidt-Rottluff, Manor in Dangast, Gramberg Houses
    30. Schongauer, Madonna of the Rose Bower – article by different painter, don't remove until article created
    31. Signorelli, The Damned Cast into Helld:Q97377044
    32. Soutine, The Little Pastry Cook
    33. Steen, The Christening Feastd:Q20790458
    34. Stella, Tahkt-i-Sulayman I
    35. Tanguy, The Five Strangers
    36. Tanner, Annunciation
    37. ter Borch, The Letter – which?
    38. Tiepolo, Rinaldo Under the spell of Armida – do the series
    39. Vasarély, Arcturus II
    40. Vuillard, Interior with Work Table (The Suitor)d:Q83901277
    41. Wesselmann, Great American Nude No. 57d:Q64517268 – why not #56, or 58?
    42. Witte, Interior of a Church – which of the dozens he did?