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oh my, oh my, I'm now a Labutnum of the Encyclopedia
27 thousand edits, dozens of FAs and still people consider me a problem of this wiki
WikiChevrons with Oak Leaves
from MilHist project in recognition of my massive contributions to articles related to the Eastern Front of World War II and the military history of Poland, including the production of ten featured articles
from Izehar as late recognition for my contributions to Wikipedia
from Redvers for expansion of the article on Tadeusz Tański
from Appleseed for my contributions to Wikipedia
from Appleseed - another one :)
from Adamdaley for my hard work on Polish articles on the English Wikipedia
Tireless contributor Barnstar from Latinus for many quality contributions to Poland related articles
Tireless contributor Barnstar from Blnguyen for hundreds of quality articles you have written for us about Poland
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from Molobo for my contribution to the article on Kulturkampf
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from Dr. Dan and Piotrus for virtual singlehanded expansion of the article on Władysław II Jagiełło
from Mgm for Szare Szeregi
from Szumyk for Szare Szeregi
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from Renata3 for contributions to articles relating to Poland
Military history WikiProject Distinguished Service Award from Prokonsul Piotrus for no apparent reason :)
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Polish Barnstar of National Merit
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from Piotrus for recent resumed activity on Polish topics, including getting Battle of Warsaw (1831) to GA
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Marian Machocki
My grandpa in his Vickers E, 1938.
Adam Mickiewicz
That's where I live
Warsaw, the best place under the sun.
and her rape by the neighbours
My Fatherland, the PLC
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Well hello there!
Halibutt (b. 1981) is a journalist and writer from Warsaw, Poland. Since October 2014 I am the spokesperson for Wikimedia Polska, the Polish chapter of Wikimedia Foundation (just to make it clear, I edit Wikipedia as an ordinary editor in my free time, not in any official capacity).

I used to work for a number of well-known titles (Polish Press Agency, Rzeczpospolita) and some known to but a few people (Puls Raszyna). Some of the journals I used to write for do not exist any more (, Businessman Magazine), some thrive to this day even though I left their ranks. As a freelancer I also write for corporate clients and NGOs.

I joined the Polish Wikipedia on 20 November 2003, with a sense of a mission, but don't worry, I quickly grew up. A week later I joined the English wiki - for good, I hope. As of 8 October 2014 I have made over 34,000 contributions to the English wiki (and counting!). My main interests are history and linguistics, with focus on Central Europe and history of 20th century armed conflicts. I passed my Cambridge CAE exams and got an A, which theoretically entitles me to teach English language in Polish high schools. Right… Anyway, English is not my first language, so feel free to correct my mistakes.

When it comes to editing, I'm an inclusionist. A decade ago most history-related topics were a true battleground between various factions. I received my share of insults and personal attacks back then (see history of this page for a pretty amusing list). Having spent years on pointless struggle for NPOV, I realised that the easiest way to achieve it is by leaping forward. This means expanding the problematic articles and providing as many adequate references as possible. This usually keeps trolls and POV-pushers away. In addition to writing articles I also recorded a couple audio files for various Wikimedia projects, I also created some pretty little maps.

If you want to learn more about me - take a look at my Babel templates at the talk page or feel free to ask. Oh, and be sure to learn how to deal with Poles.

Article list

The following is a list of pages I created, contributed to, or am proud of. Note that the list has not been updated in quite some time, and I do not plan to update it any time soon.

World War II

40 M Turan I7TP7.92 DSAusserordentliche BefriedungsaktionBA-27Biuletyn InformacyjnyBlue PoliceBrowning wz.1928BykowniaC7PCkm wz.30Comparison of early World War II tanksExtermination through labourFilipinkaGhetto UprisingBiałystok Ghetto UprisingHełm wz.15Hełm wz.31History of Poland (1939–1945)JędrusieKatyn war cemeteryKedywAkcja TaśmaKotwicaKubuśList of German concentration campsLithuanian Security PoliceMassacre of Lwów professorsFeatured article star.png Mauthausen-Gusen concentration camp (that's where my other granpa spent the entire war)Mauthausen-Gusen camp trialsList of notable Mauthausen-Gusen inmatesNowy Kurier WarszawskiNKVD massacres of prisonersOperation TempestWilno UprisingWarsaw UprisingLwów UprisingOflag IV-B KoenigsteinOflag VII-A MurnauOflag VIII-E JohannisbrunnPKWNPKWN manifestoPolish Air Forces in France and Great BritainPolish army order of battle in 1939Polish contribution to World War IIPolish death campsPolish OOB in 1939Polish Navy order of battle in 1939Order of Battle of the Riverine Flotilla of the Polish NavyPolish Secret StateGovernment Delegate's Office at HomeList of Government Delegates at HomeBureau for the Newly-Acquired LandsCouncil of National UnityCentral Welfare CouncilDirectorate of Civil ResistanceDirectorate of Underground ResistanceDirectorate of Covert ResistanceProvisional AdministrationPaństwowy Korpus BezpieczeństwaSpecial CourtsPonaryPrzyszowice massacreRadiostacja WandaRomanian BridgeheadSidolówkaSikorski-Mayski AgreementSouthern FrontStalag III-C Alt-DrewitzSzare SzeregiTreatment of Polish citizens by occupiersTrial of the GeneralsTrial of the SixteenVickers Tank Periscope MK.IVWarsaw concentration campWicher class destroyerWiS


Augustów (1920)Bereza Kartuska (1919)Breslau (1945)Brześć (1939)Boryspol (1920)Bystrzyk (1920)Ciołków (1863)Dyneburg (1919)Falaise (1944)Fuengirola (1810)Gdańsk Bay (1939)Grotniki (1439)Grunwald (1410)Iganie (1831)Jarosław (1939)Jordanów (1939)Kałuszyn (1939)Kampinos (1939)Kircholm (1605)Kobryń (1939)Komarów (1920)Konary (1915)Koziatyn (1920)Krasnobród (1939)Krojanty (1939)Latyczów (1920)Lwów (1944)Lwów (1675)Lwów (1918)Lwów (1939)Marienburg (1410)Mława (1939)Mokra (1939)Monte Cassino (1944)Murowana Oszmianka (1944)Niemen (1920)Oksywie (1939)Olszynka Grochowska (1831)Orsza (1514)Plzeň (1618)Racławice (1794)Radzymin (1944)Raszyn (1809)Saarland (1939)Sejny (1920)Somosierra (1808)Stoczek (1831)Szack (1939)Vistula (1919)Featured article star.svg Warsaw (1794)Warsaw (1794)Featured article star.pngWarsaw (1920)Warsaw (1939)Featured article star.png Warsaw (1944)Węgierska Górka (1939)Wizna (1939)Wola Cyrusowa (1939)Wołodarka (1920)Wytyczno (1939)Zadwórze (1920)

Military units

1st Lithuanian-Belarusian Infantry Division1st Polish Armoured Division1st Polish Grenadiers Division1st Legions Infantry Division2nd Legions' Infantry Regiment4th Panzer Division4th Regiment of Front Guard8th Infantry Division10th Motorized Cavalry BrigadeThat's where my grandpa served in 193910th Regiment of Foot16th Infantry Division17th Infantry Division21st Infantry Division22nd Mountain Infantry Division27th Polish Home Army Infantry Division36th Infantry Regiment74th Infantry Regiment111th Fighter Escadrille300th Bomber Squadron301st Bomber SquadronAntyfaszystowska Organizacja BojowaArmia PrusyBataliony ChłopskieBomber BrigadeCichociemniFighter BrigadeGwardia LudowaGwardia Narodowa WileńskaNational CavalryPodhale riflesRiverine Flotilla of the Polish NavySamodzielna Brygada Strzelców KarpackichWachlarzWołyńska Cavalry BrigadeZwiązek OdwetuŻydowski Związek Wojskowy


ORP ConradORP CzernickiORP DragonORP DzikORP GarlandORP Grom IIIORP Gryf IORP Gryf IIORP Gryf IIIORP KrakowiakSS OlzaORP Orzeł IIORP Orzeł IIIORP SokółORP Warszawa IORP Warszawa IIIORP Wicher IM/S BatorySS KościuszkoTS/S Stefan Batory

Military ranks

Comparative military ranks of World War IIMarshal of PolandGenerałGenerał broniGenerał dywizjiGenerał brygadyPułkownikPorucznik


See also lots of Warsaw-related articles in the battles section above

WarsawAleje JerozolimskieBankowy SquareJabłkowski BrothersBranicki's PalaceChurches in WarsawCmentarz ŻydowskiCzerniakówDworzec GdańskiField Cathedral of the Polish ArmyFranciszkańskaGazeta WarszawskaGęsiówkaGreat Synagogue, WarsawGrochówHoly Cross ChurchKabatyKatedra św. Jana, WarsawKobyłkaKolumna ZygmuntaKrakowskie PrzedmieścieLegia WarszawaNalewkiNatolinNowy ŚwiatNożyk SynagogueMarszałkowskaMarymontMarywilMirówMokotówOgród SaskiOstrogski PalacePASTPawiakPiłsudski SquarePlac Powstańców WarszawyPlac WilsonaPole MokotowskiePolish Army MuseumPowązki CemeteryPowiślePresident of WarsawPuławskaPyryRevolutionary AssociationRakowiecka PrisonRoyal CastleSaxon AxisSłużewiec PrzemysłowyStadion DziesięcioleciaSt. John's CathedralŚródmieścieŚwiętokrzyskaStara ProchowniaTłomackieTomb of the Unknown SoldierUjazdów ParkUrsynówWarsaw ArsenalWarsaw CitadelWarsaw concentration campWarsaw dialectWarsaw Fire GuardWarsaw MetroWarsaw Old TownWarsaw UniversityWarsaw ZooWarszawa GdańskaWilanówZielnaŻoliborz

Central Europe

AmstettenBaczewskiBar, UkraineBaranowiczeBeniaminówBereza KartuskaBezdanyBiałowieżaBiałowieża ForestBliżynBorne SulinowoBorysławBrzeżanyBugo-NarewBystrzyca KłodzkaCathedral Square in VilniusCentral LithuaniaChapel of Boim familyCiepielówDolskDruskiennikiDubnoEuroregion Cieszyn SilesiaGalicia (Central Europe)GarbówGerman names for Central European townsGieczGołdapGrand Theatre, LwówHajnówkaHelHel PeninsulaHoly Cross MountainsIzbicaJanów PińskijurydykaKaliszKamieniec PodolskiKampinos forestKielceKleckKłodzkoKołomyjaKórnikKuyaviaKurówKurówkaLaskiLoibl PassLubawaLungitzŁambinowiceŁuckLwówŁyczaków cemeteryMasovian PlainMińsk VoivodeshipMłodzieszynModlin FortressMołodecznoMościceNemanNowa HutaNowa RudaNowogródek VoivodshipOkopy Świętej TrójcyOksywieOłykaOstra BramaOszmianaPalmiryPiłaPokuciePułtuskRadzyminRaszynRossa cemeteryRymanówSejnySchwertbergŠiluvaStańczykiSuwałkiTrokiTuchola ForestWilnoVilnius areaVilnius UniversityWadowiceWyszogródZagłębie DąbrowskieZłotoryjaZułów


CassinoHôtel LambertPtolemaisTunka


Accumulatoren-Fabrik AFABaczewskiCedergrenEisenwerke OberdonauElektritFlugmotorenwerke OstmarkHaberbusch i SchieleJabłkowski BrothersOtto Eberhardt PatronenfabrikPolska Akcyjna Spółka TelefonicznaRaxwerke


Abraham ben JacobAdam AsnykPaweł AdamowiczMichał Elwiro AndriolliStepan Stepanovich ApraksinLudvík AškenazySzymon AskenazyTeodor AxentowiczErwin AxerErich von dem BachShakro BakradzeZoltán BalóStefan BanachStefan BastyrStanisław BatowskiJózef BilczewskiLeon BillewiczBronisław BohatyrewiczAntoni BohdziewiczMichał BoymStanisław Bułak-BałachowiczKrzysztof Kamil BaczyńskiOswald BalzerAntoni BaranowskiKazimierz BartelJan Baudouin de CourtenayMarko BezruchkoEugeniusz BodoJanusz BokszczaninJan BonerTadeusz BorowskiJózef Sawa-CalińskiAldo CarpiCasimir I of PolandStanisław ChomętowskiJan August CichockiIcchak CukiermanZbyszek CybulskiMaria Antonina CzaplickaJózef CzapskiAleksander CzcheidzeJan CzeczotXawery CzernickiLucyna ĆwierczakiewiczowaSzymon DatnerKrystian Godfryd Deybel de HammerauKazimierz DeynaEugeniusz DębskiHenryk DobrzańskiPrzybysław DyjamentowskiDymitr KorybutCzesław Młot-FijałkowskiStefan FilipkiewiczWładysław FilipkowskiFranc FiszerMieczysław FoggAleksander GabszewiczTadeusz GajlStanisław GasztołtCzesław GęborskiMaciej GiertychMichał GlińskiGniewosz z DalewicIwan GontaAntoni GoreckiZygmunt GorgolewskiWincenty GosiewskiStanisław GrzesiukKrzysztof GrzymułtowskiSanti GucciWawrzyniec GucewiczRudolf GundlachEmil HáchaMarceli HandelsmanAntoni HedaMarian HemarMirosław HermaszewskiPaweł HolszańskiPiotr IkonowiczJan Stanisław JankowskiJanusz I of MasoviaPiotr JaroszewiczBruno JasieńskiJakub JasińskiAndrzej JastrzębiecWojciech JastrzębiecJanusz JędrzejewiczCezaria Baudouin de Courtenay Ehrenkreutz JędrzejewiczowaJacek JezierskiJan Nowak-JeziorańskiBerek JoselewiczAleksander Cardinal KakowskiKonstanty KalinowskiIakovos KambanelisHelmut KappIwan KazbekJerzy KaźmirkiewiczJan Krzysztof KelusStefan KieniewiczJan KilińskiJerzy KirchmayerJan z KolnaSzymon KonarskiAlojzy Wir-KonasStanisław KlickiTadeusz KonwickiStanisław KopańskiStefan KorbońskiTadeusz KościuszkoKrzysztof KosińskiStanisław KosiorJan KowalewskiWincenty KowalskiJan KozietulskiLeon KozłowskiPrzedpełk KropidłowskiFranciszek Jerzy KulczyckiKazimierz KutzJan LamPrzecław LanckorońskiRafał LemkinGottfried LengnichKazimierz LeskiBolesław LeśmianKarol LibeltHenryk LipszycEugeniusz LokajskiRoman Longchamps de BérierWiktor ŁomidzeTadeusz ŁomnickiIgnacy ŁukasiewiczJózef ŁukaszewiczKazimierz Orlik-ŁukoskiMichał ŁyżwińskiJuliusz MachulskiMacławStanisław MaczekRobert MakłowiczGodzimir MałachowskiDorota MasłowskaIvan MayskiTadeusz MazowieckiMikołaj MieleckiAleksander MilinkievichHenryk MinkiewiczEberhard MockLeszek MoczulskiJózef MontwiłłBernardo MorandoWitold Dzierżykraj-MorawskiTadeusz Dołęga-MostowiczIgnacy MościckiJacek MoskwaAndrzej MunkJames MurrayJan NagórskiTeodor NarbuttJoanna NarutowiczStanisław NarutowiczPola NegriAdam NieniewskiEligiusz NiewiadomskiNikiforMichał Kazimierz OgińskiLeopold OkulickiNapoleon OrdaEdward O'RourkeFerdynand Antoni OssendowskiKonstanty OstrogskiIgnacy Jan PaderewskiVincenzo PappaletteraTeodor ParnickiLucas PernyTadeusz PeiperDawid PelegFranco de PeñaSławomir PetelickiJerzy PetersburskiCzesław PiątasFeatured article star.pngWitold PileckiMaria PiłsudskaLeon PinińskiPiotr z GoniądzaJan PiwnikEmilia PlaterKonstanty PlisowskiKarol PodczaszyńskiMarian PorwitIgnacy PrądzyńskiRudolf PrichKarolina ProniewskaPowała z TczewaEdward hrabia RaczyńskiAnna RadziwiłłAntoni Henryk RadziwiłłWładysław RaginisStasys RaštikisLudomił RayskiHeinz ReinefarthEmanuel RingelblumMelchor Rodríguez GarcíaGrzegorz RosińskiTadeusz Jordan-RozwadowskiJuliusz RómmelWilhelm Orlik-RueckemannJan RządkowskiWacław RzewuskiStanisław SaksRoman SanguszkoBenito de San JuanJan SapiehaSiemowit III of MasoviaSiemowit IV of MasoviaMikołaj SieniawskiStanisław Grzmot-SkotnickiPiotr SkuratowiczHenryk SławikMieczysław Makary SmorawińskiFranciszek SmuglewiczJędrzej ŚniadeckiStanisław SosabowskiKazimierz SosnkowskiJózef SowińskiMieczysław Boruta-SpiechowiczWacław StachiewiczReiner StahelMamert StankiewiczSokrates StarynkiewiczStefan StarzyńskiStanisław StaszewskiErika SteinbachAnatol SternZygmunt SteuermannWłodzimierz SteyerJulian StryjkowskiMaciej StryjkowskiHenryk SucharskiStanisław SwianiewiczWładysław SyrokomlaJakub ŚwinkaKazimierz ŚwitalskiZygmunt SzendzielarzStefan SzlaszewskiJerzy SzmajdzińskiKonstanty SzyrwidTadeusz TańskiStanisław TargoszKsawery TartakowerStanisław TatarWiktor ThomméeBolesław TrojdenowiczFranciszek TrześniewskiEustachy TyszkiewiczJózef UnrugAndrey VitrukStanisława WalasiewiczównaWanda WasilewskaAleksander WatTomasz WawrzeckiJakub WędrowyczWigand of MarburgJózef Olszyna-WilczyńskiRoman WilhelmiPiotr WilniewczycAntoni WiwulskiEdward WittigCscr-candidate.png Władysław II of PolandJan WłodarkiewiczPaweł WojciechowskiAbraham WoynaWładysław WróblewskiLech WyszczelskiBolesław ZajączkowskiAugust ZaleskiSamuel ZborowskiMaciej ZembatyJózef ZeydlitzJuozas ZikarasJuliusz ZulaufZyndram of MaszkowiceLucjan ŻeligowskiTadeusz Boy-ŻeleńskiLeonard ŻłóbJoanna Żubr


Academy of National DefenceAct of November 5thApril ConstitutionArtillery tractorBalcerowicz's PlanBaltsBar mlecznyBarbicanBelarusian National FrontBelomorkanal cigarettesBlue ArmyBook of HenrykówBychowiec ChronicleBydgoszcz eventsCarden-Loyd Mark VICentral Statistical OfficeCentralne Warsztaty SamochodoweCWS T-1Chickens WarChjeno-PiastCoat of Arms of LvivColumns of GediminasCommission of National EducationCommon phrases in PolishCzapkaCzarna polewkaDeliaDukes of MasoviaDzikEroicaFlag of PolandFor your freedom and oursFranco-Polish AllianceFat ThursdayFord FT-BGeneration of ColumbusesGerman Eastern Marches SocietyGROMGrypseraHasmonea LwówHistory of football in PolandIslam in PolandKajko i KokoszKaliszanieKanałKarabelaKarabin przeciwpancerny wz.35Featured article star.pngKatyn massacreKontuszKontusz beltKosiński's UprisingKról DawidKrzyż NiepodległościKrzyż WalecznychKulturkampfKurjer WileńskiList of Lithuanian rulersList of Polish armies in WWIIList of Polish divisions in WWIList of Polish admiralsList of Polish generalsList of Polish newspapersList of Polish rulersPolish-Lithuanian WarPolish military awards and decorationsPolska Akcyjna Spółka TelefonicznaPopielidsPro Fide, Lege et RegePZL.19List of universities in PolandWarsaw UniversityłapankaList of Galician rulersLuksusowaLwów EagletsLwów train stationMarch battalionMerkuriusz Polski OrdynaryjnyMikołaja Doświadczyńskiego przypadkiMitteleuropaMocneNalewkaNational Bank of PolandNowinaNikol A-2Oath crisisOber OstObóz Narodowo-RadykalnyOsadnikOur Lady of Ostra BramaPermanent CouncilPewexPolaniePolish ArmyPolish Army equipmentPolish Army in FrancePolish cavalryPolish 4th Cavalry BrigadePolish 5th Rifle DivisionPolish Military OrganisationPolish cuisineFeatured article star.pngPolish Defensive WarPolish heraldryPolish Language CouncilPopiwekList of Polish Coats of ArmsMan on the TracksPolish LegionsPolnische WehrmachtFeatured article star.pngPolish-Bolshevik WarPolish-Soviet Non-Aggression PactPolish-Lithuanian UnionUnion of KrewoUnion of Wilno and RadomUnion of HorodloUnion of GrodnoUnion of MielnikPolish-Ukrainian WarPolabian SlavsPolish Scouting and Guiding AssociationPolmosPolish Film SchoolPorenutPorewitRobotnikRogatywkaRuby pistolRugiewitRada TrzechScouting CrossSejm kontraktowySich RiflesSigillographySiwuchaSlavisticsSokółSokół motorcyclesSokół 1000SovietizationSmirnoffStarkaŚwiatowitŚwiatowit of ZbruchTaborTa ostatnia niedzielaTlenTreaty of LubowlaTyskieUhlanUkrainian Military OrganizationUnion of KedainiaiVilnijaFeatured article star.pngVirtuti MilitariWieszczWojtek (soldier bear)Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWNYoung PolandZBoWiDZnakŻętycaŻubrońŻubrówkaŻupan

To-do list

Ethnic composition of Central Lithuania • all articles related to Polish Secret StateBibuła (history of Polish Samizdat from late 19th century to 1989) • Polish Defensive War of 1939 • Polish Film School - list of films to be described as well as biographical notes on the directors • Aleksander KamińskiLwów UprisingJodła (or the partisan republic in the Świętokrzyskie area) • Cezary GerońDuszniki vel Duszniki Zdrój

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