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Hi! I'm HadesTTW, and I have been using Wikipedia since July of 2013. My main topics of academic interest are the history of Rutgers University, neo-fascism, music releases, and world-building behind video games, but I'll contribute to anything else that comes to me.

If you have any issues with my usage of Wikipedia then do not hesitate to talk to me on my Talk page, I wish to help improve this project and I do not take offense at criticism.

This user recognizes the Palestinian right of return.

Some thoughts on how Wikipedia handles fascism[edit]

  • At the moment, WP:NONAZIS is an essay and it is not adequate grounds to be blocked from editing simply for ideological affiliation. It is of my belief that it should probably be codified and that self-identifying as a National Socialist or a Fascist should be grounds for a block. There should be some wiggle room- not everyone with right-wing sympathies should be immediately banned, but if you are openly calling yourself a white nationalist or that Mussolini was a great guy then I believe admins shouldn't have to wait for you to make terrible edits to ban you.
  • What is defined as a neofascist is currently a very tenuous topic. I might write an essay on the signifier and how it should be applied, but my basic belief is that anyone reliably established to be a fascist post WW2 should be given the label. For examples,
    • Anyone who affiliates with fascist organization that popped up post-war, e.x. David Duke. No brainer.
    • People who espouse a fascist ideology that is conceived following WW2, e.x. Aleksander Dugin.
    • People who were fascists during WW2 and then joined post-WW2 organizations that call for the revival of fascism. This includes Otto Remer, Ante Pavelić, Oswald Mosley, and Leon Degrelle.
    • However, there are cases where I do not believe the label should be applied, namely:
      • Individuals who were devout fascists during the war but stopped espousing fascism and became quiet, apolitical retirees. Includes Adolf Eichmann.
      • Those unrepentant and unapologetic about being fascists during WW2 but do not actively call for fascist restoration, e.x. Yaroslav Hunka.
      • People belonging to fascist organizations that survived WW2, e.x. Francisco Franco and anyone in his regime.
  • I believe that some movements that are not currently classified as fascistic- namely Kahanism, Hinduvta should at the very least have more analyses on their pages of being fascist than there currently are. I'll likely write them myself in the near future.

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