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Three set forth seeking fortune. And one found gold, another came on good land, and tilled it. But the third saw sunlight making jewels of the dew. All three went by the same road. Each thought himself the richer.

Gråbergssång, a poem by Gustaf Fröding I got my username from.

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Stuff people wrote[edit]

Not my coat of arms

"I learned from Wikipedia that Sandman:the Dream Hunters was actually based on Pu Songling's Strange Stories From A Chinese Studio, which I thought I ought to read. Will report back." - Neil Gaiman

"[Wikipedia's] articles are palimpsests stirred together by a global assortment of geniuses, crackpots, and everyone in between, sometimes citing great stuff, sometimes poor stuff, and sometimes nothing." - User:SMcCandlish

"If I go and read a Wikipedia article on a controversial topic, because it’s gone through the wringer of the community, it tends to have a lot of complex richness to it. If not true in a capital-T sense, it at least reflects a lot of the nuances and ambiguities and controversies in the community related to the topic." - Royce Kimmons, an assistant professor of instructional psychology and technology at Brigham Young University

"“The biggest problem with Wikipedia,” an avid editor involved with the online project once told me, “is that people write it and that people read it.”" - Omer Benjakob, Haaretz

"Perhaps in Wikipedia as in real life, we are more likely to encounter people than monsters." - Stephen Harrison, Slate

"We've heard that a million monkeys at a million keyboards could produce the complete works of Shakespeare. But now, thanks to the internet, we know that this is not true." - Robert Wilensky

"And proved the Philistines were almost certainly Canadian." - Youtube

"As we’ve seen time and again, Wikipedia helps shape the way that we see the world. When something is on Wikipedia, it’s treated as worthy of noticing. When it’s not on Wikipedia, people can claim it’s not real or worth discussing. Yes, it’s a community-edited encyclopedia that anyone can add to (or vandalize) for any reason, but it’s more trusted than virtually anything on the web these days, including, perhaps, many major news organizations. Case in point: the top Google result for “can you trust Wikipedia?” is an article from Wikipedia." - Matt Novak, Gizmodo

"I do think we can use Wikipedia for good." - John Green,Crash Course

"The class was excited at their newfound powers, but then they noticed that the edits they were making were being removed. A horrified silence followed—somebody was monitoring them! A Wikipedia moderator was taking down edits because there was too much activity on a single article." - Logan Silva, KQED

"I'd also add from an intellectual standpoint that I'm not really sure how we should deal with people who's claim to notability comes from us not considering them notable." - User:TonyBallioni

"The brief but dense article for the so-called ’Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp’ — a 7-foot-tall reptilian humanoid alleged to inhabit the wetlands of South Carolina — is one such entry, a page doomed to exist in an eternal three-way edit war between those who genuinely believe the monster is real, those who consider it interesting as an example of contemporary local folklore, and those who just love speculating about swamp monsters online for kicks." - J.R. Hennessy, The Outline

"I was a skeptic of Wikipedia at first (albeit, I point out to Mr. Null, never a “Wikipedia skeptic”), but now I grudgingly conclude that if people like Deepak Chopra, Mike Adams, Gary Null, and Joe Mercola hate Wikipedia’s coverage of them, alternative medicine, medicine, and vaccines so much, maybe Wikipedia’s doing a pretty good job after all, at least with respect to these topics." - David Gorski, Science-Based Medicine

Dear Wikimedia, With Thanks, Donors. - People

"His point, and it’s really indisputable, is that this mammoth online project has developed a personality, a purpose, a soul. Now, as the new coronavirus outbreak plays out across its many pages, we can see that Wikipedia has also developed a conscience." - Noam Cohen, Slate

"What I originally had in mind was a sort of mutual agreement in which we would manage our own page. I did not fully understand the Neutral Point of View aspect of Wikipedia, I thought content merely needed to be accurate information, which of course we would have provided. I now see that my request is not compatible with Wikipedia’s policies." - A Director of Brand Strategy in Marketing at Apple, WP:TEAHOUSE

"Knowledge production, at least in the Wikipedia sense, is part collaboration and part combat." - Stephen Harrison, Slate

"[Wikipedia editing is] something of an addiction and something of a benediction, an act of love for a world that, as messy and misleading as it can be, still contains the most beautiful truths." - Mary Mann, The New York Times

"The internet encyclopedia distinguishes itself from other web resources because it strives only to include information from reliable journalistic sources. That’s the value of the project: sticking to its own boring processes even if it means the encyclopedia version is less dramatic than the tabloids." - Stephen Harrison, Slate

"This is the internet, and things are going to happen that you don't like. That's the way she goes, and it's not worth it to me to get angry and become uncivil at anyone - even trolls." - User:Oshwah

"Let me say this. Wikipedia may be a haven for cranks and pedants, but it is also amazing. Why some guy named SSSilvers, who describes his interests as “light opera, musical theater and global warming,” would take hours out of his day to noodle with a stranger’s page is mysterious, and yet touching." Judith Newman, The New York Times

"Just like Rock always breaks Scissors, preventing copyright infringement always overrides coolness." - User:David notMD

"I think one of my first admin actions was to delete ANI. (Defiantly: No, I wasn't trying to be funny! I was trying to do something else!) It was long before the "thanks" feature, but I received a lot of appreciation — barnstars and similar." - User:Bishonen

"But Coffman, of course, avoids martial language. Wikipedia isn’t a battlefield; it’s real estate. “You have to maintain your house,” she says. “You have to have a security system.”" - Noam Cohen, Wired

"While "Wikipedia is not a democracy," one of its precepts says, it may be the closest thing we have to a digital one. And as the internet moves in the other direction, increasingly fragmented and authoritarian, polarized and misinformed, fueled by for-profit scams and sectarian politics, keeping this democratic system will mean fighting for it." - Alex Pasternack, Fast Company

"Since the invasion, the number of article edits per day on Ukrainian Wikipedia has decreased by at least 50 percent, according to the Wikimedia Foundation. That’s understandable. When a superpower is invading your country, the Wikipedia-editing hobby tends to fall off the old to-do list. "Editing Wikipedia from a bomb shelter is difficult," said Mykola Kozlenko, the president of the Wikimedia Ukraine user group. "To be honest, covering the invasion is not our main priority now."" - Stephen Harrison, Slate

"It turns out that the people who believe in truth and objectivity are at least as numerous as all the crazies, pranksters and time-wasters, and they are often considerably more tenacious, ruthless and monomaniacal. On Wikipedia, it’s the good guys who will hunt you down." - David Runciman, London Review of Books

"Do you really expect to encounter consistency among 6.5 million articles created by volunteers with varying degrees of familiarity with policies, guidelines and the Manual of Style?" - User:Cullen328

"Clearly, Wikipedians are right to engage in vigorous discussion about how donations are solicited from visitors and to oversee how those funds are actually spent. For me, there’s also the small matter of the external environment. In recent years, Wikipedia has been attacked by authoritarian regimes and powerful billionaires—people who do not necessarily benefit from the free flow of neutral information. If $3 helps hold them off, then that’s coffee money well spent." - Stephen Harrison, Slate

"Wikipedia is a very friendly space for people who like clear black and white rules and don't like ambiguity because the rules are all written down. And if you like following rules, you can go ahead and apply them and fix things. And it's a lovely retreat from the greyness and ambiguity of the real world." - Mike Dickison, Stuff

"Anyone willing to spend an open minded hour or two studying simple concepts like "notability" and "reliable sources" and "significant coverage" and "independent sources" can very rapidly develop into a productive generalist editor." - User:Cullen328

"Step two: If someone reverts your edit, you'll probably be tempted to revert it back, and then go to their house and kill them. This is not allowed." - Sam Denby

"We always try to be very humble about Wikipedia. It isn't perfect, but it's pretty good." - Jimmy Wales

"Dedicate all your passion toward annihilating them with facts and quotes and references. ... But do so politely. Just because it is your intent to grind them into dust does not mean you can't do so with a smile. Never ever ever let the bastards see you sweat. - User:Jenhawk777

People with WP-articles about their WP-articles[edit]

Sun - arcs of plasma, very cool image

Main articles: Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction? at Loudwire and Wiki What?

"Whenever I click on the article—as one does, five or 10 times a day—I am greeted by a photo of myself that was taken at a conference in Argentina 10 years ago. I’m holding a microphone and making an observation about something, forever living in 2009." - Noam Cohen

"I’ve tried to set the record straight, but it’s a smear that just won’t die because it sits right at the top of my Wikipedia page." - Toby Young

"It’s as right as the media about me is right." - Jimmy Wales

Molly Lewis wikipedia song - Molly Lewis

"That detail didn’t make it back on the page, but here’s what did, over the course of the next 24 hours: seemingly every moronic thing I’d written or had written about me; my parents’ careers; my age. My age. It was an epic be-careful-what-you-wish-for moment." - Judith Newman

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