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    My name is Daniele A. Gewurz. I am a translator (EN>IT, mostly) and a mathematician based in Rome, Italy. I keep the blog (in Italian) L'Accademia de' Pignuoli; I manage the Dragomanni project for self-publishing of translations (into Italian, for now) by professional translators.

    Among my contribution to the Wikipedia, I am particularly fond of the articles I have initiated (in some cases, beginning by translating other Wikipedias' equivalent articles):

    Italian authors and artists Other

    Other Wikipedia articles to which I have contributed (not considering vandalism reversions and minor interventions) include:

    Mathematics Other

    Statue of Metastasio in Rome, Piazza della Chiesa Nuova

    See the subpage /Writers for some writers and books I'd like to work on, while the subpage /Useful pages links to frequently useful WP pages.

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