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    I want to add to the article about Marvels' U.S.Avengers comics because I've always liked superhero comics. I used to always like superhero comics, but I felt that they were underappreciated. Because superhero movies released by Marvel and D.C. Comics have been a huge success in this modern time, I decided that it would be a good idea to go back to the roots, like the comics, where it all started. The Avengers was one of the first major blockbuster released by Marvel so I decided to focus my research and editing on the Avengers comics. I noticed, after skimming through the short article, that the publication history section needs some work. It is short and vague without any real facts. It also has only 8 references in the entire article, and only 2 of them are used in this section. The only other section in the article is the team history section. It is a little longer than the first section, but it is still not as long as I hoped it would be. There are six main characters which means there is the possibility of at least 6 different paragraphs, each of which go into the backstory for the characters. Overall the article isn't inaccurate as much as it is incomplete. I hope to add more sections, references, and overall information to the article itself.