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Hi, I have been making edits to wiki since 2005, first anonymously and then under my previous user name User:Malnova and now with my current user name.

I largely make edits to sumo wrestling articles. I have written a number of individual wrestler articles and added biographical detail to many wrestler articles started by others. What I mostly enjoy is compiling and organizing the information about sumo into more concise and organized articles. The tournament table here on English wikipedia that eventually was ported to Japanese, Mongolian, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, German and other language wikipedias, was conceived by myself, though the credit for writing the actual template goes to another former user, Csernica who kindly volunteered his time and skills. :)

Some examples of articles that I have started, many of them "compiled info" articles are:
Glossary of sumo terms
List of past sumo wrestlers
List of sumo stables
List of sumo tournament second division champions
Match-fixing in professional sumo
Professional sumo divisions

Other articles that I have contributed to heavily and or revamped:

Japan Sumo Association
List of active sumo wrestlers
List of sumo tournament top division champions
The current organization of the main sumo article is also a lot of my work.

A few non-sumo related articles I have written are:
Tokyo Mosque, the most famous (and most beautiful IMHO) Mosque in Japan.
Ken Yuasa, a Japanese doctor in WWII who spoke out about his and others' role in medical atrocities in China.
Marilyn Harris (writer), the writer of the popular "Eden" series.

I am also interested in geography, geopolitics, renewable energy, archery and American Football, but I don't have enough expertise to feel comfortable editing their knowledge bases on wiki.