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Big Spring Park in downtown Huntsville
Thurlow Dam on the Tallapoosa River, one of Alabama Power's four dams on the river
Finlayson Works, Tampere, Finland

Hello, I've been on Wikipedia since 2006. I spend my time here on aviation and related articles (WP:Aviation, WP:Mil history aviation), some ships, some military ground vehicles, some TV series, some WP:Spaceflight related, some highways, some sports, etc. I don't care to use userboxes. ;) With family and work obligations I do not have as much time for detailed work here these days.

To Do list & notes[edit]


Scratch pads[edit]

  • /sandbox - Text for various helicopters, Joint Heavy Lift/Joint Future Theater Lift program(s), An-112KC, etc.

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Aerospace and defense news sites[edit]

Aerospace and defense related print media[edit]

Here's my main aviation and aerospace related sources.

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  • Several Warbird Tech series books, and various other books.


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What if he could be turned to the dark side...?
Yes! He'd be a powerful ally... another dark Jedi...

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