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    OK [as I wrote about 10 years ago], it's time to make a user page.

    I wrote most of one major article (Harris Isbell) that I'm proud of; he was a research pharmacologist who deserved a serious, accurate, non-sensationalist writeup, while not ignoring the dubious aspects.

    Musically, I made sure the Turtles got credit for doing the first (documented) rock song in 5/8 (Grim Reaper of Love). (Unfortunately, I haven't found any published reference stating that We Five's 1965 song "Small World" is in quintuple meter, but you can listen to it on YouTube and hear for yourself). In Quintuple meter, I also added info and references for Frank Zappa's use of Quintuple meter, and added more specifics about Balkan music.

    In geology, I created an article on geologist Henry G. Ferguson (a local geezer when I was a kid), and even uploaded and included a few images for the occasion. For better or worse, that has gotten me down a rabbit hole of trying to clean up articles on related geologists (basically, geologists working in the Great Basin and southwest US in the 1930's-1960's, such as Levi Noble (who, interestingly, was apparently a close pal of Fergie[1]))

    More recently, I've jumped into trying to fix up the scientific parts of cannabis related articles (so far, Marijuana, terpenes, and Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome (something I'd never heard of before)), doing careful reading of the cited sources and trying to make the Wikipedia writeup accurate, clear, understandable, and factually based (so far, the interpretational biases seem to tend towards overly-negative, but I'm sure I'll eventually have to fix up some overly-positive BS). However, since the bias about Cannabis (including some senior editors) is strongly negative, I failed in my attempt to make the article more objective and scientific (e.g., the well-established fact that there is no evidence for death from marijuana overdose). The process made me much more negative about editing Wikipedia.

    I haven't done anything else major, but I fix errors and clean up references when I see something that needs it, and add random pieces of information here and there (well, the information isn't random, but the selection of articles is)

    I wrote what I think is a fun and useful article on how to get started with Wikipedia, which I called "Ask Mr. Wikipedia Person". I posted it on Jimmy Wales' Talk Page, but no one there seemed interested in it. I think it's useful, concise, and a different style from standard Wikipedia documentation. It can be downloaded from .

    Steve Finney (Piled Higher and Deeper) Finney1234 (talk) 03:08, 25 November 2021 (UTC)

    1. ^ Wright, Lauren; Troxel, Bennie (2002). Levi Noble: Geologist (PDF) (Open-File Report 02-422 ed.). U.S. Geological Survey. Retrieved 9 Nov 2021.