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    About me[edit]

    I'm Femke (pron: FEM-kuh, listen), a lecturer in innovation, energy and climate at the University of Exeter who dabbling in complexity economics (university profile). My work focuses on the power sector, and specifically the role of solar power and storage. Before, I did a PhD on climate change.

    I write for Wikipedia because I believe that accurate and neutral information about climate change can help us make informed decisions and make the topic less polarised. Also, people are wrong on the internet. I fear Wikipedia is getting inaccessible for a lay public, as us experts like to correct people that are wrong on the internet with fancy words.

    I support User:TatjanaBaleta, who works as a Wikimedia Visiting Fellow at the University of Exeter, as part of my job. I will not edit directly for this project.

    I live with two zebra finches and a human.

    My collection of barnstars and the like

    Editing interests[edit]

    I started editing on the Dutch Wikipedia in 2013, mostly articles on physics, climate change and women in science (User page). Around 2018 I became active here, working on climate change and energy articles. As a picture can say more than a thousand words, I've dedicated some time to improving climate change graphs. I started an cross-language effort get climate denial removed after a BBC journalist found widespread misinformation.

    Outside of climate / energy, I'm involved in the effort to review old featured articles, and an active closer at Wikipedia:Good article reassessment. You can also find me reviewing at Wikipedia:Articles for creation and trying to improve the instructions for new editors there.

    Featured and good content[edit]


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    3.  Million award logo.svg Antarctica (saved at FAR with Devonian Wombat and Amitchell125)
    4.  Million award logo.svg Earth (saved at FAR)


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    2. Symbol support vote.svg Greta Thunberg
    3. Symbol support vote.svg Climate sensitivity
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    5. Symbol support vote.svg Paris Agreement
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    How to write better articles[edit]