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    fix pages incorrectly linking to congress instead of presidential system in many articles, even United_States_Congress#Comparison_with_parliamentary_systems 5000 markkaa? not here: UK debtors receivables (Longman Business D)

    light music

    - taboo words arse/ass, coney etc. same as


    Suomeen perustettiin oma Ritarihuone vuonna 1818, kun Ruotsi oli menettänyt Suomen Venäjälle vuonna 1809. Ritarihuoneeseen otettiin Suomeen jääneet ruotsalaiset aatelissuvut ja keisari-suuriruhtinaan aateloimat ansioituneet suomalaiset.

    Nykyään Ritarihuoneen tärkein tehtävä on hoitaa 1862 valmistunutta Ritarihuone-rakennusta kokoelmineen. Lisäksi se ylläpitää aatelissukujen sukutauluja sekä julkaisee Aateliskalenteria.

    Kierroksella kuullaan aatelissukujen taustoista ja yhteiskunnallisesta merkityksestä sekä tutustutaan uusgoottilaistyylisen Ritarihuone-rakennuksen Ritarihuone-saliin juhlavine vaakunoineen, Johtokunnan huoneeseen, valiokuntahuoneeseen ja maamarsalkan huoneeseen.


    - Hotspot (Wi-Fi) (insanely marked as spam by WP's spam filter: http:// +,289483,sid40_gci1166941,00.html

    - History of Japan capitalisation

    - Aristocracy NPOV and incorrect most common word meaning:

    - Troll

    - correct Ethnic German and add "historical concept not in use in modern English, see 'German American'" (in the same article) and incorrect "Swiss German" (that's the language) for "German Swiss" and Volksdeutsche and

    Sweden Finns (incorrect Swedishism/Finnicism) should be moved and content changed to Finnish Swedes according to standard English usage e.g. Finnish American and Swedish American or at least to Finnish-speaking Swedes and/or Finnish immigrants in Sweden, Finnish-speaking minority in Sweden, Ethnic Finns in Sweden. See also Meänkieli Tornedalians History of Germans in Russia and the Soviet Union, Russlanddeutsche, Baltic German, and especially chaos on German-Russian and missing info about German Russians ("Russian Germans") in Ethnic German. Translator's note: Especially in the context of this article, the usual translation for "Russlanddeutsche" as "Germans from Russia" actually makes sense, whereas the same designation for ethnic Germans actually in Russia, i.e., in the former Soviet Union, can sometimes be confusing.

    UK English, British English, Swiss German, *Switzerland German, Finland Swedish, Finnish Swedish, Category:German Swiss, Wikipedia:Naming conventions (categories), Wikipedia:Naming conventions

    - Talk:Omega-3 fatty acid

    - Sustainable business

    Q. What is Sustainable Business? A. Sustainable Business is a non-traditional strategy that concurrently builds profitability and economic stability, restores the health of natural systems, and promotes prosperous communities. .

    Q. How long has this movement been in existence? A. The movement began in Europe over 15 years ago and soon followed in the United States.

    Q. Is Aquinas offering the only sustainable business bachelors degree in Michigan? A. Yes, and perhaps the only current Sustainable Business undergraduate program in the country.

    - Zero day,290214,sid9,00.html?query=zero+day,,sid14_gci955554,00.html

    - Vulnerability (computing) "security hole"

    - Antivirus software, Computer virus, email scanning

    - PayPal

    - Civil_society