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    Bot Task Status Description Activity
    Task 1  Approved. Subst:'ing the Teahouse invite templates ({{Wikipedia:Teahouse/Invitation}} and {{Wikipedia:Teahouse/AfC Invitation}}). Explanation at User:EnterpriseyBot/Explanation.     -Inactive
    Task 2  Approved. Notifying an editor if an article they had created/expanded was nominated for DYK by someone else.     -Active
    Task 3  Approved. Fixes an error with the duplication of {{Wikipedia:Teahouse/AfC Invitation}} on user talk pages.     -Inactive
    Task 4  Approved. Removes inapplicable AfC maintenance categories from user talk pages.     -Inactive
    Task 5  Approved. Updates {{Vandalism information}}.     -Active
    Task 6  Approved. Archives WP:GO.     -Active
    Task 7  Approved. Merges talk page banners into {{Article history}}.     -Inactive
    Task 8  Approved. Adds sensible DEFAULTSORTs to articles about military battles.     -Inactive
    Task 9 Request Expired. Moves inactive project participants to a new "Inactive participants" section.     -Inactive
    Task 10  Approved. Comments out the class parameter in WikiProject banners on the talk pages of redirects.     -Active
    Task 11  Approved. AfC backlog drive review logs & leaderboard.     -Active
    Task A Not Applicable Updates User:EnterpriseyBot/BOTREQ status.     -Inactive
    Task B Not Applicable Graphs the size of CAT:PEND for AfC.     -Active
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