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    The Benevolent One, known throughout the Spanish speaking world as El Benevolente is a human currently residing in the United States. E used to spend too much time on Wikipedia. Eir interests include technology, pharmacology, politics, aviation, philosophy, and mathematics. For some reason, e often refers to emself in the third person using Spivak pronouns.

    "It is clear by now that the people who have had the most radical effect on American politics in our time are not political ideologues or student protesters with long hair and copies of Karl Marx under their arms. The radicals who have changed the nature of politics in America are entrepreneurs in dark suits and grey ties who manage the large television industry in America. They did not mean to turn political discourse into a form of entertainment. They did not mean to make it impossible for an overweight person to run for high political office. They did not mean to reduce political campaigning to a 30-second TV commercial. All they were trying to do is to make television into a vast and unsleeping money machine. That they destroyed substantive political discourse in the process does not concern them."[1] -- Neil Postman