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Disclosure: Until 4 Dec 2023, I edited under the username "Edward-Woodrow".'

Disjointed thoughts on RfD and redirects
  • Redirects that are misleading to the reader should be deleted or retargeted.
  • redirects that fail RPURPOSE should almost always be deleted UNLESS some special exception that follows  common sense: common sense trumps RPURPOSE. (IAR)
  • redirects that are unlikely search terms exist on a spectrum. Very unlikely search terms should be deleted through RPURPOSE, likely search terms should be kept, and borderline cases should be kept too, as potentially helpful.
  • Don’t worry about performance, but maybe worry about cluttering search results.
  • Give the reader what they want, not what you want.
  • Don’t hesitate to disambiguate.
  • If disambiguation seems like an unhelpful option – ie, if the disambiguation page would be full of section links, borderline cases, and “see also” – then delete!
  • Targets that don’t tell the reader substantially more than the title of the redirect itself tells them aren’t targets, they’re a last-ditch attempt to avoid deletion.
  • No longer any mention at target? Then add one back in!
  • Just because a page mentions the title of a redirect doesn’t mean it’s a good target.
  • Deletion is preferable to a bad retarget.
  • "No mention at target" isn’t a good reason for deletion, unless it makes the redirect unhelpful or misleading. Synonyms don't need a mention.
  • If you see me !voting "weak keep: harmless and unambiguous" or something similar, it means that I think the misspelling isn't particularly likely, but its existence isn't hurting the project, so we may as well keep it.

The sacred neon wombat.
The sacred neon wombat.