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    Donald Albury at the Wikipedia in Higher Education Summit, July 2011

    My latest article contributions:

    • Apalachicola Province (7x [30884 bytes] expansion as of December 16, 2022)
    • Tribal town (added December 23, 2022 [15524 bytes]) Political and social organization
    • Hitchiti (1.86x expansion [7593 bytes] expansion as of January 15, 2023) Tribal town
    • Utinahica (5.26x expansion [4092 bytes] expansion as of February 10, 2023) Timucuan town/people
    • Port St. Lucie metropolitan area converted redirect to [4927 bytes] article as of March 1, 2023
    • Apalachicola band (added March 11, 2023 [12231 bytes]) Native American group of towns in 19th century Florida
    • Apalachicola (tribal town) (added March 12, 2023 [18079 bytes]) namesake town of Apalachicola Province
    • Chine people (added May 13, 2023 [7918 bytes]) Native American band in 17th century Florida

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