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New userboxes[edit]

Feel free to edit these if you know a way to make them look or sound better. Pictures, especially, would be appreciated!

Code Result
{{User:Dinoguy1000/UBX/Repeated userboxes}}
UBX1    UBX2    UBX1This user has a crapload of userboxes and can't be arsed to check for duplicates.
{{User:Dinoguy1000/UBX/This user vs me}}
Me?This user doesn't understand why userboxes insist on referring to him in the third person. At least call Dinoguy1000 by name, dammit!
{{User:Dinoguy1000/UBX/Watches adult swim anime}}
[as]This user watches anime on
[adult swim].
{{User:Dinoguy1000/UBX/Watches scifi anime}}
This user watches anime on Sci Fi Channel's Ani-Monday block.

My userbox lists[edit]

These are lists of the userboxes on my userpage. They're here for faster and easier editing, and to cut down the code on my main page, once I get a "core" list done.

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