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Hi, I'm DexDor (Dex for short) - (amongst other things) a male Wikipedia editor.

In Wikipedia I mainly wikignome - in particular to improve categorization of articles and making related changes (e.g. fixing WP:REFERS, splitting articles that are on more than one subject, adding links to Wiktionary/Commons etc).

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Current projects[edit]

Category structure cleanup[edit]

Category intersection can be used to detect categories that are at an anomalous position in the category structure - e.g. below both Category:Articles and Category:Help (a page can't be both encyclopedic content and a help page so there should be no categories for such pages). I chose 12 high level categories (Articles, Books, Dabs, Essays, Files, Help, Inactive pages, Portals, Redirects, Templates, Users and WikiProjects) - those categories with a letter in brackets shown in the diagram below.

Wikipedia administrationArticles (A)Help (H)Portals (P)Wikipedia books (B)Wikipedia draftsOther (see below)
Wikipedia templates (T)Wikipedia redirectingWikipedia essays (E)Wikipedia disambiguationWikiProjects (W)Wikipedians (U)Wikipedia files (F)Inactive project pages (I)
Wikipedia redirects (R)Disambiguation pages (D)

Other categories directly below Category:Contents (as of July 2016) are Category:Wikipedia categories‎, Category:Featured content, Category:Glossaries, Category:Image galleries, Category:Indexes of topics, Category:Lists‎, Category:Outlines, Category:Timelines‎.

  Categories for pages that readers are expected to deliberately navigate to (via categories)
  Categories for pages that only editors are expected to navigate to

There are 66 combinations of any 2 of these 12 categories (Article+Book, Article+Dab, Book+Dab, ...) -

  • 3 of the 66 are (I believe) valid combinations - Template+Wikiproject, User+Wikiproject, Essay+Wikiproject.
  • 37 of the 66 are empty (when last checked, down to depth 6).[1]
  • Categories that are under both Category:Wikipedia redirects and another high level category (Category:Wikipedia templates, Category:Wikipedians, Category:WikiProjects) - these need further analysis/discussion/cleanup. Note: There are both pages in the category namespace that are redirects (e.g. Category:Wikipedians who like Puella Magi Madoka Magica) and category pages intended to contain redirects (example?).
  • Other combinations of Articles and another high level category for pages for readers - AB. E.g. Category:Wikipedia books on the United Kingdom. One problem here is that a "Wikipedia books on foo" category can include pages in User namespace which is an exception to the normal rule that user pages are not categorized as articles - that exception could make it more difficult to detect incorrectly categorized user pages. One solution would be to create categories such as "Category:Wikipedia community books on the United Kingdom" (see Category:Wikipedia books (community books)) and not allow other book categories to be in article categories - however, this would be a significant change from existing categorization. Another solution would be to have a rule that only community books (i.e. in Wikipedia namespace) can be placed in topic-based books categories - e.g. in Help:Books#Saving_and_sharing_your_book_with_others (which really needs to say something about categorization).
  • Other combinations of Articles and another high level category - AD, AF, AH, AP, AT, AW.
  • The remainder are FI,HE, HF, IP, IT, IU, IW, PF, TF, TH, UH, WH, TP, WP, UT, FW - these need further analysis/discussion/cleanup.

I'm also using category intersection to detect individual pages that are mis-categorized (e.g. talk pages under Category:Articles), but it many cases it's necessary to sort out anomalies in the category structure first.

Odds and ends[edit]

  • Example of (presumably) badly translated stuff: "shipyard coat 57 tons of laughs of mundaca" (Mundaka wave as of 5 Sept 2013).
  1. ^ This is after removing incorrect category links (sometimes replacing them with a correct link - e.g. Category:Balochistan_templates was not under Category:Wikipedia templates) and deleting categories (e.g. at CFD).