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    I primarily focus on politics and transportation but will contribute to anything that I think I can add value to.


    Create articles for all former Speakers of the California State Assembly  Done

    Articles I've created:[edit]

    California Politicians:
    Phillip A. Stanton, Thomas J. White (California politician), Cornelius W. Pendleton, John C. Lynch, Richard P. Hammond, Isaac B. Wall, William W. Stow, Elwood T. Beatty, William C. Stratton, Gideon J. Carpenter, Ransom Burnell, George Barstow, William H. Sears, John Yule (California Politician), Caius T. Ryland, George H. Rogers, Howard E. Wright, Frank H. Gould, Robert Howe (California politician), Jabez F. Cowdery, William H. Parks, William H. Jordan, Joseph C. Shell, James K. Burnett, Mary K. Shell

    Alitalia Flight 1553 (Symbol support vote.svgSymbol question.svg), Robert L. Kendrick

    Draft:Electoral History of Kevin McCarthy

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    My Kevin, Speaker Hastert, California Assembly Republican Caucus, Consoom


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