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    Hi, I'm Mark. Though on the internet I'm more often "Delirium", a handle I picked in the mid-'90s in middle school, and kind of kept by inertia. In real life, I'm an academic with a background in computer science, specializing in artificial intelligence. Much of my Wikipedia editing relates to my hobby of researching historical figures and events, though I occasionally edit in my "official" specialty. I grew up in Chicago and Houston, and since then have lived in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Santa Cruz, Copenhagen, Cornwall, and Washington, D.C.. I've also spent a good amount of time in Thessaloniki.

    Article lists[edit]

    My Wikipedia interests are mainly in history. I'm especially interested in writing articles on people and events from non-English-speaking regions, even subjects of relatively minor importance. Since Wikipedia is a hypertext encyclopedia, even minor subjects help illustrate the contours of a time and place, as well as providing link scaffolding to more easily add additional articles in that area into the English-Wikipedia web of knowledge.

    For a combination of vanity and organizational purposes, here are some of the articles I created (some are still mainly my work, while others have been significantly expanded by others):

    Other lists