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David Göthberg[edit]

My work at Wikipedia[edit]

I mainly program templates and edit articles about cryptography. I mostly work on the English Wikipedia but sometimes I fix stuff on the Swedish and German Wikipedias and on Meta too.

About me[edit]

I am a native of Sweden. That's in Scandinavia in northern Europe. I speak Swedish, English and German and understand the Scandinavian languages.

I like Wikipedia since it has provided me with answers to many of my questions during years. So naturally I wanted to join in and make Wikipedia even better.

I think Wikipedia is like the web on steroids. And I think that Wikipedia has become the best encyclopaedia the human race has ever seen. Apart from the web itself that is. But hey, Wikipedia is a part of the web...

I started editing Wikipedia in September 2004 when I saw a red link to filmjölk in an article about Swedish food. And I immediately got hooked. (Now that link to filmjölk sure isn't red anymore!) But I think I will have much more to contribute over time since I am an engineer, researcher and teacher by profession and by habit. By the way, I have used computers since 1982, Fidonet since 1990 and the Internet since 1991. So yeah, I am an old computer geek.

As usual in Wikipedia if you want to communicate with a user (me in this case) leave a message on my talk page. As you might know Wikipedia automatically informs me of any new messages/edits on my talk page when I log in.

    .../David Göthberg

Articles and pages I started out[edit]

  • Filmjölk - A kind of food that we eat in Sweden and some other countries. Unfortunately the article came under extensive attack by some Finns so I gave up on it and left it. However the wiki process seems to work, over time other editors have made it better and in the end the attackers gave up.
  • Hash list - A method used to detect errors in data such as files in for instance p2p networks.
  • Merkle hash tree - Another method used to detect errors in data such as files in for instance p2p networks.
  • Naprapathy - A kind of manual medicine similar to chiropractic.
  • One-way compression function - Well, really a merger and major rework and extension of three small articles.
  • Merkle-Damgård construction - Based on a section that was in two other articles. I cut them out and reworked and extended the text.
  • Ivan Damgård - Translated the french article using
  • Key strengthening - Cryptographic methods to make weak keys such as passwords stronger.
  • Clock drift - Well, really a major rework and extension of the original small and confused article.
  • Keystream - A concept in cryptography.
  • Shared secret - Unbelievable that such a common and simple concept in cryptography did not already have an article.
  • Wikipedia:Ambox CSS classes - A Wikipedia how-to-guide related to the {{ambox}} project.
  • Wikipedia:Line break handling - The definitive "how-to guide" about how to handle word wraps (line breaks) at Wikipedia.
  • Wikipedia:Editnotice – About the editnotice system.
  • Wikipedia:MediaWiki messages – The central page to discuss MediaWiki interface messages.
  • Wikipedia:Secure server – About the Wikimedia secure server.
  • MediaWiki:Accountcreator.css, MediaWiki:Ownuserspace.css – The global CSS-files loaded for accountcreators and when a user edits his/her own user or user talk page. Used in the editnotice system.

Articles I have made images for[edit]

Templates I made[edit]

Templates I created or done major reworks of. Some have of course been teamworks. Every now and then people ask "Why so many red links here?" Well, they were not deleted because they were bad, but over time these functions have been implemented in other ways. For instance, many of these functions have now been implemented in the MediaWiki software itself.








  • {{check file on delete}}, {{check page on delete}} – Called from the image and page delete system messages. Checks if a page is protected and displays a warning message when an admin tries to delete that page.

User scripts I made[edit]

  • User:Davidgothberg/clock – Puts an UTC clock in the upper right corner of all pages. And has links to purge the page and to edit section 0.
  • User:Davidgothberg/newmessageshistory – Added a "history" link to the old "You have new messages" box. Doesn't work anymore, since now we instead have the excellent alerts and notices buttons on top of page with that function and much more.

My other Wikipedia accounts[edit]

I use unified login thus any account on any other Wikipedia or MediaWiki project with the same name usually is me too.

Below are my alternate accounts here at the English Wikipedia. So far I have only used them for some testing. I can also use them if I need to log in and edit from an insecure public computer or similar. (My main account has its own password, and I only log in to my main account from my computer at home, for security reasons.)

Images I created and uploaded[edit]

Some of these pictures have of course been teamworks, some are just minor edits, and some have been reused in printed books.