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    DPL bot
    This user is a bot
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    Task(s)1, 2, 3, 4
    Edit period(s)Twice daily
    Automatic or manual?Automatic
    Programming language(s)PHP
    Exclusion compliant?Yes


    Task Status Approved? Description
    #1 Active Yes Adds and removes the {{dablinks}} template. If the article has more than 15 dablinks, it adds a tag. If the article has fewer than 10 dablinks, it removes the tag.
    #2 Active Yes Notifies editors of disambiguation links they have added to articles. It does not notify unregistered and new (< 100 edits) users.
    #3 Active Yes Update the {{dablinks}} task to use new thresholds: add the template for 8 or more dablinks, remove for 5 or fewer. Also permitted to lower the addition threshold to 5 as the backlog allows.
    #4 Active Yes Adds and removes the {{incoming links}} template. If the disambig has more than 30 incoming links, it adds a tag. If the disambig has fewer than 25 dablinks, it removes the tag.

    Opting out[edit]

    To stop receiving messages from DPL bot, use the {{bots}} template anywhere on your talk page. Here's the syntax:

    {{bots|deny=DPL bot}}

    This will only block DPL bot. No other bots will be blocked.

    Another way to detect disambiguation links[edit]

    Anomie's Link Classifier adds a tab next to "watch" that color-codes wikilinks by type (redirect, up for deletion, disambig, etc.) It's an easy way to review an article for dablinks after you've worked on it.