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Main contributions[edit]

This list, aimed to summarize my main contributions to Wikipedia, was started on September 2017, 8. As I am editing since may 2010, it will take some time before it will be reasonably complete. For some time, I'll add old entries only when I'll come back to them for any reason.

Article Date Diff Edit summary Comments
System of polynomial equations May 2010 Article created My initial contributions still represents 75% of the article
Hilbert series and Hilbert polynomial December 2011 Moved and largely expanded Emphasis on Hilbert series
Simple presentation of dimension and degree theory
Algebraic geometry December 2011 to January 2012 Rewriting lead + clarifying and expanding basic notions (classical algebraic geometry) + adding computational geometry and real algebraic geometry Previous version gave a undue weight to scheme theory and generalizations
Dimension of an algebraic variety December 2011 to January 2014 [1] 12 equivalent definitions, distinguishing affine and projective cases, real dimension, methods of computation Previously, only the definition as the degree of transcendence of the function field (6 lines of text in the whole article)
Polynomial greatest common divisor April 2012 to September 2012 Moving + Adding modern methods The previous version described the state of the art before the computer era
Algebra February 2013 Clarifying the definition (various meanings) Previously, confusion with the old meaning of "theory of equations" + old fashioned distinction between algebra and abstract algebra
Resultant September 2012 to November 2016 Largely expanding. Adding homogeneous resultant, Macaulay's resultant, U-resultant Size multiplied by 5
Algebraic curve October 2012 Adding the classical elementary study This was completely lacking in WP
Factorization of polynomials September 2014 Introduction of the modern methods and their general strategy
Finite field September 2014 Modern presentation Previous version was focused on operation tables
0.999... August 2017 Lead for defining the subject to the article
Creating section "Elementary proof"
Motivate for clarifying an endless discussion on the talk page
Surface (mathematics) April 2016 and May 2016 Writing this article from scratch Was a redirect to a dab page
Hilbert's syzygy theorem July 2016 to November 2016 [2] From short stub to B-class
Decimal August 2017 Emphasis on finite decimals Motivated by a discussion on Talk:0.999...
Gaussian integer September 2017 Expanding, less technical and linking to related articles
Primary decomposition September 2017 Adding various examples The article deserve to be restructured
Computational complexity September 8, 2017 Creating as a broad-concept article Was a dab, not convenient, as none of the links covers the concept for a non-specialist, who does not care of the distinction between complexity theory, analysis of algorithms and their practical implications
Computational complexity December 2017 Expanding to C-class
Euclidean division Moving from "Division algorithm" This term was unknown in WP
Gröbner basis Adding section "Properties and use"+ More accurate wording Still deserves a better description of the theory
Symbolic computation Moved to Computer algebra Not finished
Hypersurface November 2017 Splitting the manifold and the variety case + expanding the algebraic case
Zeros and poles January 15, 2018 New article resulting of the merge of Zero (complex analysis) and Pole (complex analysis) Expanding it and emphasizing on the symmetry between zeros and poles
Linear differential equation February 6, 2018 [3] Was a mess. Complete rewrite Added a section on holonomic functions
Matrix multiplication February 2018 [4] Major revision C-class -> B-class
Factorization March 2018 [5] Few true additions, except distinguishing factorization of polynomials and factorization of expressions Was written in a confusing style that pretended to be elementary
Multi-homogeneous Bézout theorem March 27, 2018 [6] Creating stub and redirects from Multi-projective variety and Multi-homogeneous polynomial Linked to from projective variety and Homogeneous polynomial
Vandermonde matrix March 2018 [7] Providing 3 proofs + cleaning up
Surface April 6, 2016 and March 3, 2018 I did not really edited, but started the two move discussions that have led to this article First discussion and second discussion
Function (mathematics) April 2018 [8] Complete rewrite
Homomorphism January 2017 [9] Clarifying the relationships epimorphism–surjection, and monomorphism–injection Also restructuring and expanding
Vector (mathematics and physics) September 2017 [10] From a WP:SIA (indiscriminate list of items) to a WP:Broad-concept article
Basis (linear algebra) October 2018 [11] Complete rewriting of the main sections of the article The incitation was a remark in the talk page that the section "change of basis" was a mess
Sturm's theorem November 2018 [12] Restructuring, adding context, removing out-of-scope section "history"
Budan's theorem November 2018 [13] Major rewrite
Vincent's theorem December 2018 [14] Redirected to a section in Real-root isolation Had multiple issues: wP:COI,, WP:NPOV
Real-root isolation December 2018 [15] New article Update and expands both Vincent's theorem and Root-finding algorithm#Roots of polynomials
Root-finding algorithm December 2018 [16] Rewrite and update § Roots of polynomials Includes {{main|Real-root isolation}}
Curvature October 2019 [17] Rewrite the part on curves Motivated by bad tentative by a crank for fixing true weaknesses of this article
Curve May 2019 [18] Clarification of the difference between classes of curves, and giving them their correct weight per WP:NPOV
Euclidean space September 2019 [19] Previous version was a mess Aimed for clarifying common misconceptions occurring in many Wikipedia articles, such that "a Euclidean space is a vector space"
Cubic function September 2019 [20] Splitting out Cubic Equation and adding cubic interpolation
Cubic equation September 2019 [21] Splitted out from Cubic function Widely rewritten for an encyclopedic tone

To do[edit]

Article Date Edit summary Comments
Root-finding algorithm September 2017 Rewriting section on polynomials WP:TECHNICAL and WP:NPOV