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    I have been contributing to Wikipedia since September, 2002. As of October 23, 2004, I am an admin. (No longer an Admin due to account inactivity since 2007.)

    Thus far, many of my contributions have been complete articles in the areas of Electrical engineering, Computer engineering, Computer science, Mathematics, and Physics. I am looking to work in a more collaborative manner in these areas, though I will probably continue to add articles of my own. If you are writing an article in one of these areas and are looking for help or advice, feel free to ask. Also, if there is an article you think should be written in one of these areas, I am a good person to ask.

    I have started to contribute to Wikibooks; see my user page there.

    Cyborgs beware, I am the Cyborg Tosser. Questions, concerns, or plain curiosity about my name? Look here.

    Here is a forum for pages which should be on Wikipedia due to their amusement value (I say should be only half jokingly).

    There are no real cynics left in the world except me. I am confused as to how so many count a "question authority" attitude as cynicism, when in fact this usually translates to "George W. Bush is a liar, but George Soros, George Clooney, and George Carlin are insightfully correct in everything they say". Don't get me wrong, I like George Carlin, but the only George whose opinion I trust is George Clinton (and only on the topic of funk music).

    Here is a partial list of pages I've started or contributed to significantly.

    Computer Engineering and Computer Science[edit]

    AspectJ, Assertion (computing), Branch predication, Canonicalization, CINT, Clocked logic, Collation, Comparison of C Sharp to Java, Comparison of Java to C Plus Plus, java.lang, java.lang.ref, Move-to-front transform, Namespace (programming), OSI model, Packages in Java, Splay tree, Static, Strategyproof, String intern pool, Unreachable code, UTF-8, Vickrey-Clarke-Groves

    Electrical Engineering[edit]

    Apparent power, Asymmetric fault, BiCMOS, Block error, Capacitor, Complex power, DC to DC converter, Effective power, Frequency compensation, Ghost (television), One-line diagram, Operational amplifier, Per-unit system, Positive feedback, Power conversion, Power engineering, Power factor, Power flow study, Power rating, Reactive power, Schottky barrier, Slew rate, Symmetric fault, System analysis, Time to digital converter, Tri-state buffer, Voltage regulation


    Bring radicals cartoon.PNG

    Algebraic normal form, Analytic combinatorics, Arnoldi iteration, Axiom schema, Bounded linear function, Combinatorial class, Common logarithm, Divide-and-conquer eigenvalue algorithm, Eigenvalue algorithm, Hessenberg matrix, Inverse iteration, Linear, Projector (linear algebra), Pseudo-spectral method, Rayleigh quotient, Rayleigh quotient iteration, Symbolic combinatorics, Triangular matrix, Tridiagonal matrix


    Absorber, Centimeter-gram-second system of units, Discretization error, Equilibrium (disambiguation page), Geant4, International Muon Ionization Cooling Experiment, Mechanical equilibrium, Phonon, Primitive cell, Reduced mass, ROOT, Semi-empirical mass formula, Stability (disambiguation page), Two-body problem


    Abstract hip hop, Actually, Airscape, Alternative (album), Antiloop, Aztec Camera, Basement Jaxx, Be Thou My Vision, Behaviour (album), Bilingual (album), Bill Chase, Cassandra Wilson, Chicago Transit Authority (album), Chicago II, Closer to Heaven, Different Trains, Diorama (album), Disco (album), Disco 2, Disco 3, Discography: The complete singles collection, E-Rotic, Flybanger, From Zero, Introspective, Jesus Jones, Lazy Harry, Little Blue Crunchy Things, Lo Fidelity Allstars, Looptroop, MC Hawking, Miranda Silvergren, Neapolitan chord, Nightlife (album), Nikola Resanovic, November Rain, One Nation Under, Pet Shop Boys, Petter, Please (album), Pop Art: Pet Shop Boys - The Hits, Praise song, Project 86, Puya (band), Release (album), Seremoniamestari, Swedish hip hop, Sylver, Timbuktu (artist), Use Your Illusion I, Use Your Illusion II, Use Your Illusion Tour, Very (album), Very Relentless

    Television and Movies[edit]

    Adam West, Amy Wong, Bill Plympton, Black XXX-Mas, Bobby Loves Mangos, Bort, Ferengi cuisine, Ferenginar, Futurama (animated series) season 2, Jem, Jim Varney, J.T. Walsh, Lester and Eliza, Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, Lurian, Magnolia (movie), Mister Smile, Morn, Mutant Aliens, Nausican, Neo-noir, Prime Directive, Runabout, SNUH, Some Folks Call it a Sling Blade, Vice Presidential Action Rangers


    Arcana Unearthed, D20 System, Dirty clubs, Happy Nebula Adventures, Liar's dice, Minesweeper, Monte Cook, Replayability, Revelation (game), Role-playing campaign, Shocking Tanks, Sin (computer game), Speedrun, Spellfire, Super Scrabble, Super Spike VBall, Thri-Kreen, Whirlyball


    Amazing Rain, Codex Serafinianus, Mound (creature), Sam Brown (artist), Vegan (creature)


    Americano, Bratwurst, Club soda, Crünchy Stars, Giblets, Gin and tonic, Golden Crisp, Granola, Mocha, Sprinkles, Staropramen, String cheese, Tonic water, Trail mix


    Canada Dry, Embrace, extend and extinguish, Kohler Company, Radio Flyer (company)

    Languages and linguistics[edit]

    Adverb, Alveolar nasal, Bilabial nasal, Dental click, Glottal stop, Labiodental nasal, Loaded (language), Stark (language), Voiced alveolar plosive, Voiceless alveolar plosive, Voiced bilabial plosive, Voiceless bilabial plosive, Voiced dental plosive, Voiceless dental plosive, Voiced velar plosive, Voiceless velar plosive


    American Birkebeiner, Beam (disambiguation page), Board foot, Brodie knob, Butcher paper, Calcium citrate, Chronic cellular dehydration, Color gamut, Conan the Librarian, Confetti, Dandruff, Day care, Disco ball, Euphemism, Folk Nation, Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, Fort Koshkonong, Fuzzy dice, Galactosemia, Gangster Disciples, Lake Koshkonong, Livestock branding, Lorica, Michael Davis (philosopher), Natural American Spirit, Nickel-cadmium battery, Nicolet National Forest, Peoples Nation, Pie method, Power nap, Prince Albert in a Can, R-value, Retributive justice, Retro-Encabulator, Restorative justice, Sodium citrate, Steering wheel, Steering wheel cover, Theory of criminal justice, The Tales of Alvin Maker, Unibrow, Vegan, Water ionizer, Yoke, Zinc pyrithione