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As of 17 November 2022, this bot has taken over the GA-related functions of Legobot. These include:

  • Update WP:GAN with the current GA nominees, including showing the review status and reviewer information.
  • Update the related topic lists that show subsets of GA nominees.
  • Transclude a newly created GA review onto the article talk page, and change the status to "onreview".
  • Leave messages on user talk pages when a GA review passes, fails, is placed on hold, or is marked as needing a second opinion
  • Update User:GA bot/Stats with GA reviewing statistics.
  • Add the good article icon when an article passes.
  • Add the oldid to the GA template on the talk page after the article passes.

This bot updates the following once every twenty minutes:

Reproductions of existing Legobot GAN pages:

New formats (not currently maintained):

It also writes to User talk:ChristieBot/GAN errors for error messages and alerts.

BRFAs: 1, 2.

Source code: User:ChristieBot/Source code

Differences from Legobot

  • GAN entry format differs slightly from the format used by Legobot
  • Determines reviewer by who created the review page. Legobot appears to parse the signature at the top, which leads to this happening. I don't know if Legobot would have counted another review for the second reviewer in this case. ChristieBot does not.
  • The second opinion and hold timestamps are taken from the time of the bot run, not from the time the reviewer changed the status
  • ChristieBot maintains a list of GA subpages in order to accurately reflect reviewing statistics and provide reporting capabilities. This data is sometimes incomplete; a list of pages for which ChristieBot could not fully determine the relevant data is here.

Outstanding tasks

  • GA proposal drive tasks to be implemented
    • Props 30 and 34: Add categories separating GAs by month and year of promotion and a page for former GAs.
  • New tasks
    • On fail, add the oldid to the FailedGA template or Article history template if the user has not done so.
    • Take over Legobot task 18 -- add oldid to GA templates that lack it

Known issues that need to be fixed

  • If an article on review is moved, the bot records a fail under the old name and "on review" under the new name. In this case it should not notify the nominator of the fail.
  • Try removing recalculations from end of nom init to save time
  • Changes to shortdesc parameter in the GAN template don't trigger a refresh of the nomination's entry on GAN.
  • Invalid characters in original nominators (in historical_GA_reviews) of GARed articles cause a crash
  • See Mongolia at the 2018 Winter Olympics; review page deleted, old nominee template left in but a new one added; then old one deleted. Should detect more than one nominee template on the page.
  • If the article is reviewed and passed in a single turn, the bot complains about not being able to find the template. It shouldn't complain if the article has been made a GA.
  • The good article template should be added below the short description template, if there is one.
  • The incompletely moved pages report showed Eugenia Tucker Fitzgerald as a problem but it was a deletion, not a move.
  • The good article template should be below the short description and hatnote, if those are present, per MOS:ORDER.