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need to do this always better to be prepared.

Template: User:Neurolysis/Death
  • Pick a page from my user page history that best describes me, even change it from time to time if you wish. (one from deleted history is fine too) (somewhere on that page should be Desiderata)
  • Remove all my rights (standard operating procedure on wiki)
  • It's perfectly fine to link to an official obituary. I only removed my last name from my "username" because of some untoward emails, respect for family members, and other minor items; but since I'm not going to be dealing with that once I'm gone, and I'm not ashamed of who I am - Yes - you can link an official obituary. A few people know where the name "Ched" comes from as well - feel free to post that too.
  • Remove me from all distribution lists: (admin newsletter, Tech News, New Page Review newsletter, and anything else)
  • Remove any political statements; both real world and wiki concerns.
  • Remove all the things I did wrong and oversight them ... lol (just kidding - that would require too much work.:))

  • Add the following at the top of my user page (rough draft)
Please do not mourn me. Rejoice in my life. Raise a glass of cheer and toast me if you felt a kinship towards me while I was here. In my beliefs, I go to visit the "Great Spirit"1 and loved ones now gone from this mortal earth. Call it God, Allah, the Universe, or whatever your own chosen heart tells you - I return to the beginning. I've had a long and oh so wonderful life here, and I absolutely loved it. Wikipedia has been a true blessing in my life too. I've met so many wonderful people striving for such an amazing goal.
Above all
Be kind to one another. In the end - all we really have is each other.
  • 1 My grandfather once told me that my great, or great great grandmother was from The Chippewa Indians, also known as the Ojibway or Ojibwa tribe. So apparently I'm 6%-12% Native American. But there's no need to add, or not add, that little tid-bit to the user page. While I do have pride in it, it's not something I ever made a big deal about either.
  • Note 2: I hope to pass along a "Letter from Ched" thing to be linked to ... but I'll get to it later (hopefully).


Primary administrators (executor)[edit]

  • User:Risker
  • User:28bytes
  • User:Wehwalt
  • User:Drmies
  • User:Dennis Brown
  • User:Huntster (not very active here at this time, but you might be able to find him on commons)
    • Nothing required from anyone here - just admin type people I trust to use good judgement.

Trusted users with my personal information[edit]

  • User:Huntster
  • User:Mark Arsten (not active at this time)
  • User:Bishonen
  • User:Iridescent
  • User:Montanabw
  • User:Diannaa
  • User:RoyalBroil (if there's any sub-pages under Ched - feel free to move them to main space)
  • User:Giano
  • User:Littleolive oil
  • User:Gerda Arendt
  • User:Neurolysis (no longer active)
  • User:Dreadstar (sigh - died before me, and I've missed him ever since)

Trusted users to oversee my pages[edit]

  • User:Pedro
  • User:Floquenbeam
  • User:Dennis Brown
  • User:WereSpielChequers
  • User:Hammersoft
  • User:Ritchie333
  • User:JulianColton (no longer very active)
  • User:RexxS (no longer active)
  • User:Eric Corbett (no longer active)

I'm sure there are many more, but I'm just listing a few folks off the top of my head, my apologies if your name should be here and it's not. The names aren't listed in any particular order, please don't feel slighted if someone is "higher on the list", it's not a competition. If your name isn't here, please forgive me. My memory isn't what it used to be, and I'm sure I've missed some very good people I considered valuable wiki-friends.