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Admin things[edit]


  • straight quotes ("...") and straight apostrophes ('), not curly quotes (“...”) and curly apostrophes (’). (direct copy from page)
  • copy code:
    • * straight quotes and apostrophes: Wikipedia guide MOS:CURLY calls for using straight quotes ("...") and straight apostrophes ('), not curly quotes (“...”) and curly apostrophes (’).
hyphens and dashes and more
  • use {{en dash}} see:{{en dash}} to insert an "en" (short) dash: X–Y
  • use {{snd}} see:{{snd}} to insert a spaced (en) dash: X – Y
  • use {{em dash}} see:{{em dash}} to insert an "em" (long) dash: X—Y

from "see also" documentation:

  • {{·}}, which produces a spaced bold interpunct ("middot"): " · "
  • {{•}}, which produces a spaced bullet-point: " • "
  • {{\}}, which produces a spaced (forward-)slash: " / "
  • {{en dash}}, which produces an (unspaced) en dash.
  • {{em dash}}, which produces an (unspaced) em dash.
  • {{Frank Lloyd |state=collapsed}} add the "state=collapsed" to template to ... duh collapse it.
Short Descriptions

Backlogs and user links[edit]

User Links (use w/pipes)

User Templates[edit]

User Interactions[edit]

Summary of multiple tools[edit]

ref stuff[edit]

Talk Page refs[edit]

  • {{talkref}} - for use on talk pages when you want to use refs

Anchors - linking[edit]


Coordinates lookup New Reflinks Duplication detector
Catscan Dispenser's Checklinks My cite templates
Range contributions alternate X's tools: automated edits, more My template collection
Range block calculator alternate T. Paris article blamer Intersect contribs alternate
Autoblock finder Wikichecker user activity Σ's Editor Interact Tool
Page history statistics Buttons and gizmos User Contribution Search
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See Also[edit]

Better editing[edit]

(copied from User:Tony1's page at User:Tony1/How to improve your writing per WP:CC-BY-SA)

  • The Online English phrase checker. This is very useful and worth bookmarking: enter the phrase in the search window to check any word or phrase on the Internet using the alltheweb search engine; for example, should "up-regulated" be hyphenated? Survey usage with and without the hyphen in just seconds, and make your own informed decision.
  • Editing exercises. A set of problem sentences with click-and-show solutions, for undergraduates, from the MacEwan Centre, University of Calgary, Canada; accessed 12 August 2006.
  • Ask Oxford. A free online dictionary resource, with a search box for looking up the Compact Oxford English Dictionary, information on better writing (including tips on spelling, grammar and plain English), a huge database of FAQs on the language, and a section on global English.
  • The Owl at Purdue. Treatment of many writing issues; part of Purdue University's wide-ranging site for writers.
  • Better editor. A rich resource of style and grammar guides, dictionaries, free software downloads and other tools for serious editors.
  • Bartleby's Indo-European roots. A fascinating list of linked Indo-European roots to explore. What tickles me is discovering the variety of modern English words that are derived from each of these roots—connections you'd never have dreamt of suddenly become logical.
  • The American heritage book of English Usage. We disagree with the approach on much of this site, based as it is on traditional grammar; however, we've included the address because of its search box, which enables you to access online information on your chosen topic in several popular texts; for example, you can compare what the self-appointed authorities say about the so-called split infinitive.
  • The Guardian style guide. A good read, set out as short entries in alphabetical order. Some eccentricities, though!
  • The Internet grammar of English. An online course in English grammar, written primarily for university undergraduates but more widely applicable; it assumes no prior knowledge of grammar.
  • World Wide Words. Writer and lexicographer Michael Quinion writes about international English from a British viewpoint—indexed articles, Q&A, reviews, topical words, turns of phrase, weird words, funnies.
  • Onelook dictionary search. Enter a word (AmEng spelling) to search for dictionary websites that include that word.
  • Acronym finder. Find out what any acronym, abbreviation, or initialism stands for.
  • Merriam-Webster online dictionary and thesaurus
  • The international system of units (SI)
  • Rowlett's online Dictionary of units of measurement
  • After Deadline Notes from the New York Times newsroom on grammar, usage and style—a weekly column
  • {{quote}}
  • {{quote box}} will take you to: Template:Quote box
  • Template:Rquote fancy quote box
  • WP:FA? FA criteria ~ User:Physchim62/Situation Normal: All FACked up essay
  • WP:GA? good article criteria
  • WP:A?
  • Wikipedia:Peer review for articles

Editing templates[edit]

Article templates[edit]

Talk - Indents[edit]



  • Research (some links copied from user:Softlavender)

More Tools, emoji, stubs, personal attacks and such[edit]

Icons and such[edit]

Code Result
{{tick}} checkY
{{done}}  Done
{{yellow tick}} checkY
{{ESp|pd}} Partly done:
{{ESp|n}} Not done:
{{ESp|?}} Not done: it's not clear what changes you want to be made. Please mention the specific changes in a "change X to Y" format.
{{ESp|q}} Question:
{{Not sure| }}
{{Not sure}} Not sure
{{Not sure|Not sure what you mean.}} Not sure what you mean.
{{fixed}}  Fixed
[[File:Ambox warning pn.svg|25px|alt=Warning icon]] Warning icon
{{cross}} ☒N
{{outdent}} or {{od}}


note - that pipes are used after template name to add desired text.
  • {{tq}} is for "talk quote" and renders green text = this is something in tq
  • {{tq2}} is for this: =

    and this is tq number 2, and ...
    You can add <br> breaks to this sample text to force a move to the next line..

  • {{xt}} = inline positive example text, in green, with serif font
  • {{xt2}} =

    same as {{xt}} ...
    but for blocks of text
    Note: that I've added two <br> breaks to this sample text to force a move to the next line.

  • {{bxt}} = looks like this using bold and a sans serif font
  • {{mxt}} = looks like this, same as xt, but uses mono-spaced font (especially useful in source code)
  • {{!xt}} for inline = negative example text, in red, with serif font
  • {{!xt2}} =

    same as !xt but for blocks (i.e., same as xt2 but red)

  • {{!bxt}} = uses boldface and looks like this
  • {{std}} is deprecated and replaced - do not use.
  • {{xtd}} = text like this in grey
  • {{bxtd}} = same as the xtd above, but uses boldface
  • {{mxtd}} = uses mono-spaced font
  • {{xtn}} = sample text perhaps deprecated - doesn't seem to do anything}}
  • {{bxtn}} same as {{xtn}} but it still applies a CSS class, and adds boldface; example: not simple boldfacing
  • {{strongbad}} – for introducing something as deprecated or issuing some other warning in documentation, e.g.: Not for use in mainspace.
  • {{quote}} standard quote -

    just add the pipe and you'll get this

    and it will move to the next line once the template is closed with 2nd set of braces.
  • {{Quote frame}} =
    add the pipe, and the quote following it will be framed
    and it will also moves to the next line once the template is closed with 2nd set of braces.
  • {{Rquote}} =

Must add a some sort of break to move to next line or it will put next text beside quote. This will be the continued test and will continue as a paragraph. To go below the Rquote you can add the {{clear}} at the end.

Also moves to the next line once the template is closed with 2nd set of braces. Further samples and quote template info (such as adding lists to quotes) can be found at Template:Quote.

Race specific tools, templates, etc[edit]

Short-cuts and Reminders[edit]

Wiki wants self-promotional subject matter when it comes to commons/pics

Behavior issues ignored. Self serving license requiring attribute with name and website link to a type of redirect to facebook page. Commons ignored it. Meta ignored it. People making excuses for and whitewashing the WP:EW, WP:DE, WP:NPA, WP:SPA, WP:SPAM, WP:SELFPROMOTE (from our COI guideline, even though a recent RfA tanked because of COI issues), and though I'm loathe to even mention this one WP:CIVIL.

see also
  • WP:MOS our manual of style guidelines
  • WP:ABC for a list of common shortcuts/redirects to various policies, guidelines, and sometimes essays.
  • MOS:ABBR or Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Abbreviations
  • WP:WP or Wikipedia:Shortcut index
  • WP:TERM or informal terminology used in discussions on wiki


  • Main Page, (or WP:Main Page) is the primary entry point to the English version of Wikipedia when no specific article or internal page is specified.
  • PR = Peer reviewed, (or Wikipedia:Peer review) Are articles that are reviewed, discussed, and improved by multiple editors working together to present an interesting and high quality article for our readers.
  • FA = Wikipedia:Featured articles: The highest quality articles we have. These have been peer reviewed from top to bottom, for prose, flow, spelling, and accurate references. Multiple editors are involved in this process prior to an article receiving this honor.
  • GA = Wikipedia:Good articles: These articles are also peer reviewed for proper spelling, sufficient content, proper prose, flow, and references. Not as highly scrutinized as FA, but "the next best thing".
  • TFA = Wikipedia:Today's featured article Refers to the placement of a FA on the Main Page, or primary entry point to the English Wikipedia, usually for 24 hours.
  • DYK = Wikipedia:Did you know. A section on the Main Page for new or recently expanded articles that have been peer reviewed, and feature interesting facts and blurbs.
  • OTD = Wikipedia:Selected anniversaries, or On this day. Articles that focus on anniversaries, holidays, events in history, or time centric articles. These are also peer reviewed and then listed on the Main Page.
  • FAR = Wikipedia:Featured article review: A process where older Featured Articles are reviewed to current, and increasingly stringent, standards. Articles are either demoted from FA, or improved to meet the current requirements and then passed to keep the FA designation.

Accounts on other wiki pages[edit]

  • note: Many of these would not exist were it not for the SUL that started circa 2015
front end
WP:Main Page
(use colon before name of sister wiki) ex: [[:commons:User:Ched]]
* Ched SUL
* Chedzilla SUL
* User:Chedzilla @ en.wp (alt. @ English WP)
* User:Ched! @ en.wp (alt. @ English WP)

sister links[edit]

Use prefix abbreviation (example: d:User:Ched, meta:User:Ched

  • wp:sister projects
  • see also example:
  • Wikisource
  • {{wiktionary redirect|1-2-3 block}} {{wiktionary redirect|1-2-3 block}} {{clear}} * <nowiki>{{wiktionary|1-2-3 block}}
  • {{wiktionary inline|1-2-3 block}}

Linking between projects[edit]

Project Long form Shortcut
Wikipedia [[wikipedia:]] [[w:]]
Wiktionary [[wiktionary:]] [[wikt:]]
Wikinews [[wikinews:]] [[n:]]
Wikibooks [[wikibooks:]] [[b:]]
Wikiquote [[wikiquote:]] [[q:]]
Wikisource [[wikisource:]] [[s:]]
Wikispecies [[wikispecies:]] [[species:]]
Wikiversity [[wikiversity:]] [[v:]]
Wikivoyage [[wikivoyage:]] [[voy:]]
Wikimedia Foundation [[wikimedia:]]
Wikimedia Commons [[commons:]] [[c:]]
Wikidata [[wikidata:]] [[d:]]
Meta-Wiki [[meta:]] [[m:]]
Wikimedia Incubator [[incubator:]]
MediaWiki [[mediawikiwiki:]] [[mw:]]
Phabricator [[phabricator:]] [[phab:]]