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Coquí , something so annoying is actually so very missed...

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Association of Wikipedians Who Dislike Making Broad Judgments About the Worthiness of a General Category of Article, and Who Are in Favor of the Deletion of Some Particularly Bad Articles, but That Doesn't Mean They Are Deletionists


Est omnino difficile iudicare inclusionis meritum cuiusdam rei in encyclopædia cum ratio sciendi quid populi referat incerta sit, sed nihilominus aliquid encyclopædiam dedecet

It is generally difficult to judge the worthiness of a particular topic for inclusion in an encyclopedia considering that there is no certain way to know what interests people, but some topics nevertheless are not fit for an encyclopedia.

This motto reflects the desire of these Wikipedians to be reluctant, but not entirely unwilling, to remove articles from Wikipedia.

Cerejota's Law: The likelihood of a comparison to the Norway Massacre emerging is inversely proportional to the importance of what is being compared to the actual Massacre.
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Updated DYK query On January 15, 2009, Did you know? was updated with a fact from the article Currencies of Puerto Rico, which you created or substantially expanded. If you know of another interesting fact from a recently created article, then please suggest it on the Did you know? talk page.

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This user has never left the Northern Hemisphere.
This user has been to the United Nations Headquarters.
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prog-NThis user thinks in bytecode and dreams of electric sheep.

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This user loathes, but is forced to observe, daylight saving time.
This user loves deadlines. They love the whooshing sound they make as they go by.
XThis user is a member of
Generation X.
This user had a flux capacitor seized by the FBI.
This user is old enough to remember what a typewriter is, and that's all you need to know.
This user sleeps, but not for predictable amounts of time.
This user remembers using
a rotary dial telephone.
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